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Being Here.

You know this at the deepest core of your soul though you can’t explain it, that you are not from Here. You have never felt as if you fit in or belong. And it does not matter if you do or do not. You have always thought your thoughts to be radical which is why you stay quiet. You know that ALL is actually quite simple, but you know you will be attacked for saying that. You have come to realize all along you are simply observing. Gathering information. Once your amnesia wore off (awakening), you were able to see and understand more clearly. Now that you are clear to understand the reason you are here, listen.
You see all the contradictions, complications and confusion and understand them quite well. You see the events (some painful) that have unfolded in their lives and yet how they choose to make these their identifying truth. They do not realize that choosing to own the lie is what prevents them from stepping into their True Power. They have forgotten what it was like before the even…
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Standing In Your Own Way

There are some of you because you feel separate from God because you still associate that Presence as outside of you, you lean into your humanness and miss the power behind your spirit. You have learned over time to use your humanity as an excuse for unskilled behavior. You insist on trying to create truth from a vessel that is not meant to withstand all time. And because of this, you have come accustomed to the sensation of self-sabotage. This is what prevents so many of you from stepping fully into your truth, into your everything.
Your limitation has become your norm and your greatness a foreign experience. And while you may make momentary evolutionary leaps in your thinking, each time you face a deeper challenge to your growth you step back into limitation, as your ego circumvents the immense power that lies beyond the challenge. All the ego wants to do is feed on your fear of ascending, and keep you addicted to the experience of unworthiness which lies at the core of all avoida…

The God Program

You are all born atheist. You have all be programmed over time, over eons.
One of the deepest example programming is the very idea of God. It is a personified, anthropomorphized construct that places a deity far away and outside of people. It’s been repeated many times in the scripture and through religions teachers. It is so much a powerful thought-form that people who are living as an expression of the creative spark are often seen as heretics and called blasphemously.
It’s challenging for some to consider that God as he or she is based on our own HE/SHE experiences.For example, people accept that a“He” inspired men to write the Bible, therefore God must be masculine. It is a fascination that women in the physical world do not question this idea at length or depth. Look at the miracles of physical birth. Do women think an only male god came up with these powerful mechanisms; that only from the feminine body can a spirit be infused into from and be birthed into the physical world?  

The State of The Spiritual Union

This may resonate with you.
Our new spaces are expanding.
I am noticing more people having shifted out of lifestyles that were not aligned to their highest good, are now experiencing a new and consistent lovestyle and life experience. Some of my closest friends are shifting into this space in a much shorter time span because of all the energy that has been built up.
As I read back on previous blog posts, I saw where I was actually clearly calling out some of the major shifts that people would be encountering. Today, the shifts still continue. I can sense when a segment of the population are going through them, but I do not feel them as intensely as I once used to.
So what is unfolding now?
People are Creator Mode, but with a much more purposeful bent. There are more people becoming aligned to Divine Order and Universal Laws and are applying them in their lives. Situations are adjusting to what they were always meant to be.
Metaphysically, there are four major areas of life that are…

Celebrate Life in The Contrasting World.

Become excited at the infinite possibilities of living a life where your soul moves in tandem with the heartbeat of creation. This is the truth that you have been moving toward and the reason behind your increasing awareness.

Your spiritual sight is growing clearer, as you are now able to see the world that you have been encapsulated in for what it really is. This is a space where your soul is meant to learn and grow.

Many of you have been living in the world unaware of the creative force that lies behind the physical world and how it continuously feeds it. You may have known about what you define as God, but you have not fully understood your relationship with it and how to be one with it, mind, body, and soul. Many of you have fallen under the conditioning that this is separate from you. No, it is you, in you, of you and the very essence of what you are. Your breath is its breath, one and the same. You will discover this more as you make the intention to connect personally with thi…

The Divine Podcast: Universal Alignment

Hello Lovely People!
We're back!
You were probably wondering if had you missed an episode or two last month.  No, you did not.
If you would like to know what happened, and how we used the experience as a teaching moment for today's topic, check out this latest episode!

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Universal Alignment 

Transmission: The Great Divide and Inner Harmony.

Many of you are now clearly seeing the Great Divine that exists within your dimensional space. It has always been there. But because many of you have been conditioned by the world that is motivated by ego, it has been difficult to perceive.
The shift that has been unfolding has opened your eyes and the veil is thinning. Now you fully understand the function of the wayfarers and those who have been steadfastly holding the light. They have been aware on a certain level for a very long time about the important absurdities of this world. They never knew why they KNEW not to do certain things, but in truth, they have been following the soul’s direction all their lives.

Now they are helping you to see the different worlds that surround you. Not only this world but what lies beyond it.

The world is submerged in the external awareness. What most people only see are the products of the different energies that are creating your world. You cannot perceive the energies behind it all because you are …