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The Egg.

The Egg is a 2009 short story by American writer Andy Weir. It is Weir's most popular short story and has been translated into over 30 languages. In 2012, it was adapted into a short film by Sam Meacock, starring Harrison Lee and Philip Hope.

Be nice, and have fun. 

Healers Need Love Too

Healers need love too. We really do. 

Though we may hold a lot of love, and that love strengthens us to support others, we do get tired at times. We carry a lot, without much complaint. It seems like the more balanced I get, the more people reach out to me. And while I love to support others, there are moments that know I have to gently say no. I am always being reminded by others in spiritual work, that you have to keep your energy safe and protected. I know I have to recharge and sometimes that means being momentarily unavailable.

Healers need prayers. You probably would not believe this but recently I became slightly petrified of taking the final three levels of a powerful Reiki Modality. I almost did not go to the class. I needed prayers of strength to make it through the two and a half days of training. I was afraid I was going to blow out energetically. Sometimes we need someone to hold the space for us. 

I can’t speak for all healers, but I do freak out every once in a while. …

Faith And The Miraculous Life!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot of about faith. Just last night the topic came up in one of those amazing conversations with a dear friend. This was one of those chats where the other person starts out listing all the challenges they are experiencing, recognizes the application of faith that leads to overcoming the problems and eventually that person ends up in a space of gratitude.

We talked about the fact that whenever we are facing a situation, we somehow can never see our way out of it. It is not until the event has passed and we can look back and see a miraculous out-working of our situation. I grew up labeling these events “trials and tribulations”. But for the first time in my life, I could see them for what they really are: growth spurts.

I took a leap of faith seven years ago and left a job in aviation with fifteen years of seniority under my belt. It was a secure place, but I had outgrown it. I walked away from a comfort zone into the unknown. But oh how I have grown. I…

10 Reasons Being Different Is A Good Thing.

I remember times when being different put me at odds with people. Some poked fun at me and laughed to my face and behind my back. Being different has made me a target in a lot of ways. I was always the one to speak up when my friends were going south when instead we were meant to go north. They always hated when I did things like that.

Being different meant I said no to a lot of things that I just did not believe were good for me. but it has saved me from a whole lot of unnecessary pain and heartache. Being different taught me the important lessons about setting my boundaries and staying in my lane. Being different has attracted some amazing people and situations into my life.

Being different and owning that uniqueness can be a very defining experience and can have a big impact on your life. Being the standout means that you live in a state of fearlessness. You are not afraid to stand up to and for yourself and own fully who you are. Owning your difference means you will be harder to…

Life Beyond The Struggle.

It is so hard to believe this…
As you are bombarded with the tumultuous waves battering your mind and soul.
Those who held on in that last moment right before a dark surrender and bit down on the bitter wood
Give birth to something.
Out of that painful purge is another life, so vastly different from the one with the bloody knees, heavy heart and swollen eyes.

And it is hard to explain, as you stand in this new space, why the years of struggle really were the most beautiful.
Someone may ask: “How can you find beauty in that madness?” 
Because the madness was the cocoon that gave birth to the butterfly. 
You see, we are the ones who could not numb ourselves enough with life's various epidurals. 
So we had to feel every moment of labor as our true spirit emerged.
I guess:
Some of us have to go through this thing, to help others know that they can go through this thing...
And come out with wings.

We are the ones who know there is truth and power behind the words: 
Just hold on.

Moving Beyond Awakening To Remembering.

If you had told me ten years ago on my fortieth birthday when I was back home in Jamaica sitting on Negril Beach that my life would be drastically different today, I would have called you a liar. I would have looked at you with tears in my eyes and asked you how on earth was I going to be able to change my life.

I could not see past the different situations I was in at the time. I was too afraid to move, not knowing where I would land. I had a desire to bring about change in my life. I just did not know how to go about it.

Two years after that trip and one instance of jaywalking changed everything. Recuperating from that accident made me realize that what I was feeling was not the type of happiness a person with a really good heart should be feeling. That whatever that happiness was, I desperately wanted it. Before I knew what was even happening, a year later in 2011, my job, marriage, and religious background were all being pulled out from underneath me.

My life took on such a rapid…

Vivadivine: The Love Letters

I cannot believe that I know someone like you!
I think you are so amazing. I have never met anyone like you! You are just so: WOW!
I am so honored to know you and to call you my best friend. There is nothing I would not do for you.
I will protect you and keep you safe, I will not allow anyone to hurt or mistreat you. And if someone ever tries to hurt you, I will make sure they know you are not one to be messed with. 

I have so much respect for you. I will never let you put yourself in a place of indignity, you are far too special. If I see you lowering yourself or questioning your worth, I promise to lift you up and show you in 1000 ways how beautiful you truly are. 

There is nothing that you could do that I would not be able to forgive you for. And even if you were to ever step out of line, I would try so hard to understand why and to reach out to you and lovingly guide you towards your growth.
I just want you to know that I feel so blessed to have you in my life, at this time, at t…