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Thinking About Thinking.

I’ve been thinking about thinking; about how our thoughts are the driving force of our lives. Everything we think shows up in our lives. The same is true for everyone else. All those thoughts floating around in the atmosphere create multiple realities.
For instance, let’s say I think I am a really nice person at heart, then I create the energetic response to my thought patterns and I do nice things for people. If I think stealing is wrong, I don’t steal, therefore I don’t put myself at risk for some form of legal recompense for those actions. Now if I were to think that stealing is not such a bad thing, I may then I steal some item, thinking I may get away with it.
But to balance the equation, I get busted by someone (law enforcement) who thinks what I did was criminal activity.  That person thinks that there is a type of punishment that needs to be meted out and their energetic action is evidenced by their original thought.
Thinking seems complex, but is it really?

Within all of …

Never Settle For Less!

Why shouldn’t you ever settle for less?
Because it goes against your inner knowing that you can have exactly what you are asking to experience. You are a creator and by settling you are obstructing your creative power.

Have you ever seen anyone truly happy when they have settled for something that falls short of their true desire? No. The truth is they are walking in an energetic state of dissatisfaction. Not very many people will admit that they are settling for something or someone less than what the truly want. A big reason is that the ego does not want to look bad. The ego is very proud. So instead of being authentic and truthful, we hide the fact that we are unhappy where we are. That only makes it harder for everyone else to live authentically.

I have settled once in a significant relationship. In truth, the other person, in essence, was doing the same thing too. Neither one of us was getting the very best of, or showing up for the other person. It was a recipe for disaster and…

Affirmative Prayer: Divine Guidance.

An Affirmative Prayer for Divine Guidance. 

I am always surrounded by the power of love. This is the essence of what God is. It is in this place I immerse myself in faith and trust, knowing that at all times all things are unfolding for my highest good.

Before me lies a grand adventure and a journey of the spirit. As I walk this path I am always divinely guided. Every decision that I make on this path is full of wisdom and truth. In the quietness and stillness of my mind, I know that I am deeply connected to a Superb and Omnipotent Mind. From this mind, all Divine Ideas that are beneficial to this decision before me are now filtering and easing gently into my Soul! I am completely surrendered to this perfect guidance. All my steps are now divinely guided and all blessings from this decision henceforth will flow to and through me and will also bless others.

I am grateful for every perfect blessing that comes my way. For all that I have received that has brought me to this moment of af…

8 Ways That You May Be Sensing The Fifth Dimension.

As we rise in consciousness as a whole, we will notice things in the world appear to be slowly changing. But for the individual who has been focused and dedicated to the journey, you may find your ascension is moving at a fairly good rate. There are many milestones along the way as you walk the path. However, there is a point where there is a significant difference that seems to come out of left field.
Suddenly everything becomes very easy, and smooth. It is as if you were on an airplane flying through a turbulent thunderstorm, and then you break through the clouds, into the sunlight and a whole different world.  Life is calm, peaceful and quiet. You are not worried about anything. You see the world and people in it very clearly.
You are truly fear-free and no longer are you grasping for external situations, people or things to help you feel better about yourself or your life.  You are happier, and you are no longer riding on emotional or mental merry-go-rounds and behaving in ways th…

Hello 2018! Hello Life!

Welcome to 2018 and hello to an upgraded version of you!
So many of you have been working diligently over the last few years, pruning and clarifying your spirit of those lower vibrations that you have been creating with. Now, all that hard work has paid off. 
Do you feel lighter in spirit? Are you more peaceful within your soul? Does your path seem more purposeful and are you more secure about the direction your life is going? A lot of people actually experienced a shift in consciousness during the last four months of 2017. Many of you are growing into the highest version of yourself that you never even thought was possible. You have left a lot of "stuff" behind because you cannot take it where your mind and spirit is going! This amazing journey is now running exactly as it was always meant to be, efficient and assured.

Back in 2011, when I walked away from everything that was weighing down my soul, I could have never anticipated how great life would feel today. I have a se…

The Universe Is A University!

I wrote a piece in September of last year about Earth being a learning environment for spirit beings. I was completely unaware at the time of the immense spiritual growth spurt I would have in exactly twelve months. Within that time frame I have learned more than I thought my brain could handle. It is becoming more clear each day at how amazing this spiritual education can be!  

In the last few years so much has unfolded that has convinced me that I am a student of life, that I am learning, and gratefully I seem to be passing with flying colors, albeit crashing a few times and having to rise like the Phoenix! There are so many ideas that have become very enlarged in life for me. One of the fundamental exercises that keeps expanding in my world, is that everything around us is energetic. In essence we exist in a powerful substance where our minds create form or matter. I know this from my mental experiences in the fourth dimensional mindset, where for instance, I can “see” my cellphon…

A Year Now!

Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”  -Eckhart Tolle

This year we are going to start a new tradition at Vivadivine. Instead of writing about a year in review, we are going to write about A Year Now. It is a shift into the higher vibratory thought which is more aligned with the fourth-dimensional consciousness into which many are recently graduating.

In this moment, what we would like to do is focus on where we are, and check in to see how we are feeling, or better yet, being.
There has been quite a bit of chatter lately. Those to whom I have spoken, all say the same thing about this year, that it has created a big shift in their lives.  This year moved people into more Moments of Now. Many of you are also thinking more about the future and with quite a bit of excitement. You can actually sense some things energetically coming your way. It feels as if many of you are on the cusp of experiencing the types of lives that you have always imagined. Guess what? That is exactly what…