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Opening Up To New Spaces

At the close of 2018, many of you began crossing a dimensional threshold. The energies that you are now stepping into are much higher, more pure, even faster and hotter. It is a very intense time for you because your body also has to acclimate to the speed and at the same time adjust to the light (information) that is coming through very clearly.
Your alignment is being more fine-tuned. You are also feeling more balanced internally. You can hear the direction more clearly and you will know how to absorb the energies coming at you. You will also know when you need to rest.
This is a new curriculum. It is very different from the previous one. The last class you had to learn to trust, and surrender. You realized the importance of releasing all your attachments to situations and people that were standing in the way of your growth. Your willingness to evolve through this is what will set you up to fulfill your assignment and receive everything that is good for your soul.
You are about to le…

Opening Up To New Spaces! PODCAST

Welcome to the first episode of Vivadivine: The Divine Podcast!
This episode serves as an introduction, a synopsis of my journey and the purpose behind this podcast.
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Opening Up To New Spaces!

The End Of Timeline 2018

Welcome to the end of Timeline 2018!

I wanted to close the year out by discussing a few things in this post. Oh, this one will quite unconventional, because this writing is coming from a totally different space. More on that later.

I wrote a post about the state of being a while back, and I wanted to do a part two. So I am incorporating the information in this post.

The State of Being. Part Deux. Okay, folks here is what it feels like for me to be living from a state of being. In a nutshell, it feels freaking amazing! I am “doing less” but being more and getting more accomplished. More stuff is showing up, effortlessly. Instead of manifesting, I feel like I am actualizing; as if I am walking into everything I am supposed to experience. If I think of something, especially if it is good for my soul, it shows up.

This is a state where you feel love, joy, and peace flowing from WITHIN you. You are BEING ALL of that and more. You are love, you are peace, etc. You are not the adjective any…

Transmission: Universal Order

Any action that goes against Universal Order cannot sustain itself. What is out of order cannot be sustained on an individual or collective level. You must try to understand. This is why people *freak out* when they see certain things happening. They know in their soul that something is out of place. 
But at the same time, they are holding this fear that what is out of order will continue. The Universe is always moving forward regardless of what you are doing. So if you move in the opposite direction then eventually you will feel the turmoil and pain of going the other way and then get dragged to get back in synchronicity.

When you see a person doing something that is going against Universal Order, especially if it is something being done to you directly, do not worry. Do not *fight* or make an attack at the person. Be still. Know this: Even if it appears they are winning, remember this is an illusion. If it not loving, if it is not true, it is moving against Divine Order. 

If it causes…

2018: Year Of The Woman.

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”
― Aldous Huxley
Today I sit in gratitude that I am alive in an age where as a woman I can be actively involved in affecting the world in a positive way. As I sit here, my phone is blowing up from all the messages of love and encouragement that are going back and forth between some of the most amazing women I have ever known. (Okay, there are some really nice messages from men in the lot too.)

This is such a meaningful time for me because this is not the way that I was raised. I know women have been doing great things for eons, I have secretly had my personal heroines. But for a very long time, I had to sit on the sidelines. You see, the belief system that I was raised in, women were regulated to mostly proselytizing, but never actively teaching others on a large scale. My options were severely limited in that fundamentalist environment. So it was not surprising that once I broke free, I ran pel…

Transcending Fundamentalism

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in a workshop titled Transforming Fundamentalism. It was facilitated by Renae Cobb who is a licensed professional counselor and a Jungian Analyst. In a nutshell, the workshop helped me to clearly identify the belief system in which I grew up as one that is highly steeped in Christian Fundamentalism.

A few of the identifying marks of fundamentalism from Renae’s presentation notes jumped out at me. I found that I could easily relate to the belief system experience of:
A complex and rigid structure of religious rules.An environment where the rules apply to everyone, everywhere and other belief systems are wrong and evil.Men holding the roles of leadership and authority while women serve in subservient roles. A distinction between insiders who are nurtured and cared for and outsiders are cast off, shunned or fought against.The willingness to fight back against outside groups perceived to be a threat to their way of life, to fight for a set of beliefs …

The State of Being. Part I

“Your unstoppable nature is becoming and blooming — you simply, are. Go easy.”  ― Bryant McGill

It’s not writer's block. It’s not a creative slump.  It’s something else. 

We spend so much time running, moving, and doing. If you have a goal, you are constantly working to make that dream or that focus come to fruition. I know I was there. Around this time last year, I was sitting on the phone about to take that step into life coaching training, when I stopped. Dead! It suddenly seemed like too much effort, just too much pushing. So I stepped back.

A lot of stuff happened in the springtime. The shamans (pacos) showed up. I learned new processes and cleared the heck out of my energy. I opened up to a lot of Reiki training. I felt clearer and brighter than I ever had before! Then it felt like the universe sent me on vacation. And I took the time off. It was in that space I noticed that my soul was consistently at peace. Nothing exterior was disturbing my inner space. 

I languished in that. …