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A Year Now!

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.  Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”  -Eckhart Tolle

This year we are going to start a new tradition at Vivadivine. Instead of writing about a year in review, we are going to write about A Year Now. It is a shift into the higher vibratory thought which is more aligned with the fourth dimensional consciousness into which many are recently graduating.

In this moment, what we would like to do is focus on where we are, and check in to see how we are feeling, or better yet, being.
There has been quite a bit of chatter lately. Those to whom I have spoken, all say the same thing about this year, that it has created a big shift in their lives.  This year moved people into more Moments of Now. Many of you are also thinking more about the future and with quite a bit of excitement. You can actually sense some things energetically coming your way. It feels as if many of you are on the cusp of experiencing the types of lives that …

Graduation Day: Ascension Style. Part Two

In your current lifetime you may very well catch on to the repetitious nature of lessons and finally overcome each one of them. The soul knows what it needs to learn at the appointed time. A key indicator that you are about to take another course, is when your soul starts asking for something it needs. For example, peace became a fixation of mine at one point on my path. That is because externally, there were situations that were creating disharmony in my life. My lesson was to discover that peace comes from within me. For every moment I demanded that “I want my peace!” I grew closer to the realization that I would have to create this power from the depths of my soul. I then became a veritable creator of inner peace, because that energy from within me has galvanized itself toward those who were disturbing my life. They now feel peace within their soul, because of the shift I made in mine. They felt my peace within me, paid attention and thus developed theirs on their own.

Each time you…

Graduation Day: Ascension Style. Part One.

Graduation Day: Ascension Style.

(Book Excerpt)
A spiritual awakening is somewhat difficult to define, because it is a different experience for each person. For me, this life changing event occurred because my spirit became overburdened trying to fit itself into an environment for which it was not suited. By now, you are aware that an accident was the catalyst that spurned my awareness of my soul’s discontent. From that place, my life started an undeniable shift that has taken me to highs and lows since 2011. Being focused on this awakening event in my life, has been the driving force behind the progress I have made.

There are many lessons that the soul experiences in order to place it back on track with Universal Flow and Divine Order. One definitely knows when they are in flow with the Universe because you can feel the ease of things happening in your life. However no one tells us about this unique sensation that you will feel when you have learned the majority of your lessons at …

Cause, Effect and Conscious Creation.

Most people would not believe that there is only one world. It is the spiritual world that operates on a powerful and creative consciousness. Within this world, a Divine Mind ideates, bringing into form a consciousness that includes everything we see, including me and you. We are all part of this consciousness, hence the concept that we are all One. Because we were created, and we are part of this great Mind, we can thus create.

Everything we see happens on the spiritual level first and then cascades down to the physical plane and materializes. Everything we see is a thought that has taken some type of form. To explain this, the next time you look at a skyscraper; remember that someone thought of that building. They saw it in their mind’s eye, the imagination, and then they decided to create it. Materials such as brick and mortar, items also thought by others, were used to create the structure. Workers showed up to put together the building. This happens from the highest to the lowes…

A Deeper Understanding Of 3D Relationships.

It has taken me a while to write the follow up post to the Six Identifying Marks of The 3D Relationship.
That is because there have been quite a few revelations that have transpired since I wrote that article. Information from various sources has been flooding in and that is when I realized the complexity and depth of the issue.

I have had a chance to view on a deeper level the dynamics of the relationships that seems to be fraught with challenges. It is needless to say that most of the issues tend to involve both people and their soul’s individual needs to address the factors that are contributing to the disharmony in these relationships.

I could also clearly see how the feminine energy is truly rising and creating disruptions, fractures and termination of these relationships. As more women begin to spiritually awaken, they become aware of the futility behind holding on to these situations. In essence they are removing that feminine energy from the person and placing it more on them…

Darn Those Distractions!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
- Zig Ziglar

Once you eliminate your distractions your focus becomes very clear. But it almost seems as if the moment a person makes a decision to place energy on something that is of vital importance, people or situations crop up to take attention away from it.

Have you ever had a crucial deadline at work and out of nowhere the entire office staff shows up in your space for random chit-chat? Pay attention. I noticed this with a tad bit of humor when I recently had a project that was due, now! I was super focused on what I was doing; smoke was coming out of my ears. But somehow, coworkers suddenly decided they wanted my ear on certain matters. I took the time to politely address one individual, only to have that person leave and for another to show up. After noticing the trend, I started to giggle. I promptly picked up my laptop, disappeared and located a vacant conference room so I could work …

10 Practical Tips To Help Loved Ones Affected By Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. Needless to say, if you are reading this post either you live in Houston and were directly affected by the experience or you’ve heard and seen the news. I could sit here and recount some of the stories most may not have heard about. I could tell you about what lessons have been learned. They are numerous. But in truth, it does not bode well to dwell on the past. The hurricane came, it flooded many parts Houston and then it went on its way, finally.

Where we are is Now. As someone who believes Now is the most important place to be, I’d like to shift the focus to the overwhelming need there is to support our friends and neighbors as they begin the process of restoring their lives.

The damage to the city is widespread. The task now at hand for those where the water is receding is to get started on the clean up and restoration work. Anyone who is willing and available to help those who have been devastated by this storm with physical help, it will be …