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Coming In The Air.

Can you feel it coming in the air?
There is quite a bit of dynamic energy accelerating in advance of the upcoming year. This month in particular is full of cosmic vibrations that will catapult many into another level of consciousness.
So what is going on? There are five planets in retrograde:  Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then we had the Lion’s Gate Portal open this month. There was a lunar eclipse on August 7th and coming up on the 21st will be a hugely anticipated solar eclipse.

If you are sensitive enough you are probably feeling the convergence all these energetic events. Even people who are not as aware of the connection we have with all that there is have been commenting on the increase in energetic activity. It is a very important period of time. Word on Universal Street is that there will be a substantial shift in consciousness in 2018.

This is why we are seeing some interesting events unfolding in the world. The energies that are increasing are creating oppor…

Six Identifying Marks Of The 3D Relationship.

Recently, my friends and I have been observing a growing trend on social media. There seems to be a few men who in their growing awareness are sharing The Man Code with their female followers. This is helping many of these women come into the awareness that these very relationships that they have been desperately trying to maintain are actually built to break.  
These are the low vibrational relationships or third dimensional interactions that have increased over time. This is due to a reverse in the male and female energy interaction. That scenario itself would need a whole different post to explain. However, in this first of a two part series, we wanted to share some of the markers of a 3D relationship. While this is not a comprehensive list, these are the ones that really stood out to us. It is also important to stress that it is both sexes who are embroiled in this spiritually toxic dance. There is no blame game here.

Check out the identifiers below:
1.Conditional Love: When we l…

Upcoming Offerings: Tools and Tips For Highly Sensitive People.

"To understand what a person is feeling makes you empathetic.  To actually feel another person's emotions in your own body makes you an Empath."

I am not fond of labels. However there's one that I just cannot deny and it is Empath. As a highly sensitive person, I not only understand deeply what a person is going through, I can actually feel a person's energy or emotions within my energetic and emotional bodies.
This condition is both a blessing and a challenge. As an energy worker, I tend to be very open and my spirit is mostly clear. I can identify my own feelings. I can clearly tell when I have shifted moods within my being. But it can be very disconcerting to be in a calm and relaxed state and feel the racing heartbeat of another person. 

I've felt the sadness, depression and anxiety of other people. I've felt people when they were high on drugs! I've started crying because someone was going through emotional turmoil! It can even happe…

Staying Focused.

Dwell much on the concept that life is lived from the inside out, and that you are dynamic center in the Creative Flow which is (God) Divine Mind, and that you have a built in capacity for health and success. You can be more, you can do more, and you can have more in life because you are inexorably linked to the transcendent flow of life. -Eric Butterworth

A Few Words Of Encouragement.

There are days when I find myself thanking the lady who hit me with her SUV. I know, it sounds absolutely ludicrous that I should be elated over the fact that I could have been killed on that sunny February day in 2010.

But if not for that event, I would not be here. As a matter of fact, I do not know where I would be. I believe the Universe is truly in the swing of things when it comes to the unfolding of our lives. But if I had not been stopped from the direction I was going back then, I often wonder: Would I still be alive? The thought makes me shudder.

It was during lunch with a friend who I have not seen in years, and with whom I was catching up, that it really hit me as to how far I have come. From the day I was told: “You are ascending”; to where I am today is actually quite miraculous. My life is living proof of the power of manifestation. Everything I have said I wanted to achieve I have. That proof is what propels me forward toward the fulfillment of the rest of my dreams.

The Connective Meditation Practice: Step By Step.

Below are the individual steps to the meditation practice shared in the video post below.

Step 1: Preparation for meditation practice.

Choose an appropriate time, mornings are preferred, where one will not be disturbed. Keep whatever time you decide to meditate as consistent as possible.
Choose an appropriate location to conduct this practice, as this will become your sacred space.
Sit in a chair which allows the spine to be held straight. You may utilize a cushion for the mid/lower back area for comfort.
Sit slightly forward, with shoulders back. This helps with gently opening the chest space.
Place hands on thighs in either the receptive position (palms up) or palms down on thighs.
Feet should be flat on the floor with the toes facing forward.
Close your eyes.
Relax. Feel the cares for the moment fall away.
Take a moment to reflect on the purpose behind your meditation. Become quietly excited about the prospect of connecting with your Higher Power, Universe, Divine Spirit or what …

Video: The Connective Meditation Practice.

This video takes you through the steps of a connective meditation practice. We will go through a combination of processes such as breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques. Learn about The Silence that occurs during the process of using a mantra that helps on to connect to the Superconscious (God) Mind. We close out the meditation process with a moment of gratitude that adds to the overall meditation experience.