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Read For Life

From childhood I was a voracious reader. I mean, there are family photos of me lying on the sofa as a child reading a book, totally oblivious to the toys on the floor. As a child my mother monitored what I read of course, but as an adult the love of literature and the freedom to read truly blossomed and I could absorb all kinds of work at my disposal.

I have read a lot of really interesting stuff. I have read most literary classics. My all-time favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird and the book that sent me into metal overload/shutdown was War and Peace. I remember reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire and coming across one pivotal scene in the book that was so shocking, so mind bending, that I threw the book away. I never throw books away, but this one, I had to! It took a long time for me to regrow the brain cells that I lost from those pages. I’ve also read the Bible in different translations and found vast differences that helped me to round out and balance my spirituality.

There are b…

She's baaack!

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