Because I Said So!

I am sure as a child you remember those conversations where you silently thought your parents were slightly off their rocker.

It’s a moment most of us won’t forget. Here is my version.

My mother’s thinking process, for the most part of my childhood usually made sense. When she would ask me to do something as an obedient but very observing child I could see the logic and the benefit behind her request. But one day, I don’t recall what my mother had asked me to do, but I do remember thinking to myself: “This does not make any sense” and THEN I tried to reason with the woman, which only made her even more frustrated with me. That led to the defining moment when I realized that my mother knew that what she was asking of me was not reasonable. So the only way to get me to obey was to pull the all-time famous parental rank: BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Do you remember the first time you heard that? It’s funny looking back now. I often told myself that if I had a child I would not pull that rank. I would hope as a parent I’d be fair with my requests. I think “because I said so” is a way to get someone who is dependent on you to fall into line quickly, without a thorough explanation. I’d hope I’d be the kind of parent whose children willingly listened to a request because they knew it came from a place of reason. I only hope I’d have the time to tell my child the reason behind my request, versus the swift and quick reaction.

Maybe you parents can share how you get around it if you can.

So what happens when that child becomes an adult and another adult pulls the “because I said so” response?
How do you guys handle it?


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