The Experience

 "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Teilhard

During a conversation some time ago a very beautiful intuitive friend said this to me. At the time when I heard it, I absorbed and kept it to myself because I thought it was too profound a thought to openly share with others. We are so stuck in rigid belief systems that when people hear that it sounds too woo-woo or weird.

But really, sit for a moment and really think about this and how it could be possible. 

The only way this can truly resonate with you is if you look at the human body. Imagine if you took a laser and cut the body in half down the middle and removed its casing, the flesh, skin and bone; the anatomy of who we are. What are we left with? The energy that makes us move, breathe and live. Our spirit. The essence of who we truly are. Without our bodies we would be roaming the earth as ethereal beings. Which will lead you to ask: where did we come from? But that is another conversation in itself.

Now close your body up again and ruminate on the above quote.

Everything that has happened to us and that is happening right now is a building experience. Every single being on this planet is having their own experience, but there is an illusion of separateness. Within our own experience we are connected to each other whether we are rich, poor, black, white; etc. if you peer closely enough you will see the connectivity of the world.

When people come into your life and make a profound connection it's an important part of your experience. Their experience lends into yours and you both grow, your spirit grows. That is why it's important to apply spiritual attributes like love, compassion and kindness to our relationships with people without FEAR, because that's how we grow. When we retreat in fear, hurt, anger, suspicion we are leaning more into our human aspects. It slows our spiritual growth. 

You will find that if your spirit refuses to learn the lessons presented for it's growth, these lessons will keep returning to you. It's only until we break the patterns that we transcend the lesson and move on to gain the full measure of The Experience.

The above quote applies to all aspects of our lives. When we accept that, we see that there are boundless opportunities to learn from. Everything is a lesson. Every person is either teacher or student.

And the beautiful part of this experience is that you never stop learning. The human casing withers but that spirit does not. It continues, out there, somewhere. Always adding, acquiring more.

Now go outside and look around you. What do you see? A human race, or something bigger?


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