Bury The Painful Past.

I took a box and lined it with soft red velvet. I looked at each element of the past one last time and gently laid it in the box. I closed the lid and took it to the Garden of my Heart, dug a hole and placed the box inside. As I covered the box with the earth, I silently asked for forgiveness and forgave all the pain that accumulated over time. I released the pain, made peace with those stories that I no longer tell myself  and said a prayer of gratitude for all the lessons I have learned.

With the box now covered, I took a small tree and planted it over the burial site. I watered the little tree and then sat down and cried. I allowed the tears to wash away the past, so that my heart would be clear for Now. Over time that tree will grow and spread its branches. It will grow tall to remind me that something beautiful can come forth from all the challenges in my life.

Prepare your boxes, start filling them with things you no longer need, the stories that need to die. Bury them in peace. Plant a tree to remind you that despite what challenges life serves you, you can overcome and that all painful things must die, for a new life to begin.

Viva Divine

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