Lil Miss Positivity To The Rescue! *cue wind machine*

One day a friend of mine was being kind of snarky with me and made this comment: “You’re not Lil Miss Positivity, ya know!”  
I was a bit taken aback. Truth be told I HAVE to be a positive person, I don’t have a choice. Let me tell you why.

One day someone threw a word at me I had never heard before: EMPATH. When I first heard this word, I thought: ‘Oh great this New Age-y person is trying to put a weird label on me’. Well, one simple definition of an empath is a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. During her conversation this really nice woman pretty much summed up what my childhood experiences were like and how I basically have to navigate as an adult.

Some people may say that I am over-sensitive, I can cry at the drop of the hat. I can’t watch certain things, like really tragic news. Right now I want to see 12 Years a Slave, but after a really bad meltdown in the movie theater watching Amistad years ago, I am hesitant to watch it now, even though it’s on cable. It’s not that I take things personally. Being empathic means I PICK UP ON THE EMOTIONS of people and situations. So if I was in a room with you and was watching a mother cry over losing her child, I basically feel her pain, in an acute way.
Once someone said something to me, though they claimed to be joking, to me it FELT like a mean veiled insult. It literally felt as if the person had taken a letter opener and stabbed me straight in my jugular. I have picked up people's emotions that were so negative they have left me bedridden.

So basically for me to exist and not be crawling on the floor my whole life, I have to ramp up my positive attitude and keep it high. Oh trust me it’s genuine, for sure, but my meter is off the chart. I keep it that way because when I run into people with a lower vibe I can literally feel their negativity pulling me down, just creeping over me. And a person does not have to be super low for me to feel their vibe. The effects can range from feeling physically ill to just plain slimed. And if you want to see something hilarious, put me in a room of whining, complaining people. I would probably go crazy. Now I am not unbalanced, like everyone else I have down days. But you had better believe they do not last long!

People! Energy is real. Just because we can’t see it does not mean it’s not there. Your spirit, your essence is real. You think you’re just skin and bones? You’re not. Your energy precedes you. You vibrate just like everything on this planet.

So, if you’re mean and unhappy with life you vibrate that energy and infect others with all that ick. If you are positive, happy, joyful and at peace about life, you will radiate and guess what? People will like being around you more. You will like being around YOU more! Thinking positively and making it a habit also is good for your well-being, you will smile more often and you’ll live longer. Live Divine, Live Divine…get it!

*note* This post was inspired because I was slimed today! ICK!

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