The Beauty of Clarity.

Clarity arrives gradually. Once we reach clarity, everything makes sense. ~Cloris Kylie Stock

Lately I have been talking to people who are living out their life’s purpose. By reaching out to some influential people I’ve been trying to ascertain what happened to them, what led them to where they are today.

Quite a few of them had secular jobs, but deep down knew that they had something more to do, give and life had more to offer. Some of them were already doing things they loved doing, but felt a push to go higher. I noticed that in each case they all had a love to serve others, and help others in some way. Some were telling their stories by speaking out, doing things in the community in their own unique way.

Many of them went through a spiritual awakening, a very powerful “wake up” call where suddenly life looked very different. At times it meant making radical changes within themselves and developing an ability to look at themselves honestly. It was almost as if they lost their former self and was reborn. A few of them told me it took some time for the clarity to come through, but once it was clear which direction they were meant to go, there was no more vacillation or uncertainty as to the path they were to walk.

When you wake up to who you are, and realize that there is something you’re supposed to do, it can be quite overwhelming, because at first you don’t know clearly know what to do. There are certain leanings or attractions to certain situations that stir an impetus inside you. But it takes a certain process to fine tune, listen and learn to allow your purpose to be revealed and to start its flow.

I look back over my life and from childhood there has been a consistent leaning to write and explore. I was an ace at Composition in school. I loved to write and read stories. I also have an avid fascination about people and at a very young age learned to be extremely observant of not only people’s behavior but to sense the real emotions behind their words and actions. Maybe if I had decided to go to college I would have ended up being a writer or psychologist. Who knows.

Nevertheless, I have taken all the lessons life has taught me, observed other people’s stories and I have written about them for years. So when I “woke up” spiritually, I thought maybe I would be someone who would have a more active role in the community. That felt great but I could not find my niche, but I surely loved writing, sharing lessons and stories. Things fall into my head that I can’t hold in and when I am writing or musing I am so happy. When I am sharing anything about love, joy, happiness, anything positive I find I could sit and do this for hours without a break and with a lightness in my heart.

So as I am settling into this most natural vibe, I now understand why everyone from my former therapist (now best friend), complete strangers, to countless friends keep yelling at me: YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK! Well, I am slowly going from “no” to “maybe”. And that’s a big step for me on the Road to Purpose. But for now, here I am blogging, writing this post to tell you this:

Ask for a clear indication of what it is you are really supposed to be doing. Ask: what is your specialty in the “Service To Others” line of spiritual work. Whatever leads you follow it and if things don’t seem to be clear just stay open. When it’s clear to you, you will know you will feel the vibrancy of your purpose. It will be something that brings joy to you and others every day! It will put a smile on your heart.

I am so happy for you already because I know you will find it!

Live the Life.

Viva Divine

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