Awakened Love.

“This surprised me because it made me realize that what I sought was not outside myself. It was within me, already there, waiting. Awakening was really the act of remembering myself, remembering this deep Feminine Source.”
― Sue Monk Kidd

I've been toying about writing a bit about the emotions you feel in a spiritually awakened state. I feel out of all of them, joy, happiness etc, love is probably the most profound because love is basically the root of what moves the world and our Universe. It's a powerful energy and we know that when we see it in action we are left with a remarkable impression.

I think the reason why love feels so intense, at least to me at this point in my life, is that an awakened person loses or learns to silence the instrument called the Ego. The Ego basically is a creation of a dormant spirit. It is the thing that maneuvers a human existence. It's not a bad thing, but when unchecked or if allowed, it controls our lives and renders us trapped and unable to feel love fully. It's the thing that tells us not to fall IN love because if we do we will get hurt. It hinders vulnerability. It is the main thing that sabotages our chances to have good meaningful relationships with each other. 

So in the process of awakening one realizes the ego must be dropped, or you will find yourself in situations where you are faced with it and you will realize that your progress is being inhibited and it has be quieted.

In the space of a silent ego, love begins to be filled in. If you think you've loved before get ready. I remember feeling something expanding in my heart one night so powerful I had to lie down. As I'm within this huge feeling I realized: This is love! Wow. Doubled over in my bed clutching my chest I was completely blown away. Another instance during meditation, yours truly Cheeky Spirit wanted to feel the power of love. I snapped out of meditation, violently trembling with a pounding in my ears that I thought they surely would explode! My ears hurt for two hours. Love is a very powerful vibration.

But the best part about feeling love at this level is this overwhelming emotion directed outward to every and anything in your path. It's a feeling minus fear. You just don't care about expressing yourself to anyone. You feel like wrapping yourself around people. Your embrace is broader and warmer. Your vision changes, in that you see everything through a lens of a higher emotion. Nature, animals and people, everything just looks different, more vibrant and you'll develop a deeper appreciation for everything. With people I feel love for them despite what they do to me. I actually want to love, more. I treat people, everyone more lovingly and find myself moved to tears more easily. You see the world and its love and the opportunity for things to change if we just start moving into the flow. There is no lack of love, just hindrance in our hearts. Love is always there in an abundance all the time and when your spiritual eyes are open that is when you will see.

But the best thing is self love. You come to realize how wonderful you are. You see your flaws as ways to grow. You heal and forgive yourself. You also start to make better choices about your life. You no longer want to do anything to damage YOU. I think that the best part of this whole process is realizing that love is really inside you.

All it takes is the DESIRE to activate it and by doing so you awaken your spirit even more.

So wake up your love! You can't go wrong falling into love! It actually makes you quite powerful.

Viva Divine!

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