Spiritual Awakening- A Beautiful Journey.

Someone asked me recently to describe to them how do I know for sure I am spiritually awake? Wow! The only way I could describe it is like this, you know you’re awake because you realized you were asleep. But when you look back at the entire time you were “sleeping” it almost looks as if you were an amnesia patient, just wondering around almost aimlessly. Then suddenly something happens in your life that jolts your inner spirit. Or it could be that a series of events or circumstances will slowly bring someone out of slumber. Regardless if it’s fast or slow, the events that can lead up to waking up can be very confusing, frustrating and at times scary. You will know something is going on, you just don’t know what or why.

So, I did not know what was happening to me when I left my job, religion and marriage all at the same time. I've mentioned before that it seemed like all these events had a life of their own and it felt crucial for them all to be removed from my life. There was this urgency to clear my life.

It was not until after the dust settled that I noticed something different. For one, I felt relief that I was leaving these things behind, but at the same time, I felt like something new was on the horizon. I was much happier than I had ever been before and I was full of gratitude for this new peace that I felt in my life. I was so grateful I asked what I could do in return. I also asked for whatever it was that I needed to help me be of service.

I believe it was in that asking that I started to completely wake up. I know this sounds weird but I felt like I was in some type of training. There were certain, life changing events that happened to me where I thought: ‘Well, here is that psychotic break you've always been waiting for! YAH!!!” That’s how intense these experiences were. I even had an MRI just to make sure I did not any problems with my brain. Lots of activity, but nothing abnormal.

But this was where some wonderful people came into my life to explain and help me understand what exactly was happening to me. If it were not for them I would not know I was having a spiritual awakening. This is  nothing new, it happens to so many people. One day everything is different. I am different. I am not the girl I used to be.

That’s how I know I am in “wakey-wakey” mode.

More later and I will also share what it feels like to be awake!

Stay tuned.

Viva Divine!

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