Awakening With A Little Help From My Friends!

When you go through this weird experience which some people call Ascension, although I prefer Awakening, you feel so alone. There are all these different mental, emotional and physical upheavals and phenomenon happening to you that really makes you question your sanity. However the beautiful thing  that you realize is that the Universe and/or God is really in control and will send you exactly what you need to get through the process. On my journey so far I have met some amazing people and made lots of new friends, people on the path who gently lead me or others with whom I am holding hands with on this journey.

I remember one of my first physical indications of the waking up process that came out of nowhere. Having this experience was both startling and mind-blowing! Luckily for me a good friend directed me to a wonderful lady who gently explained to me I was “ascending”. I said: “A-WHAT-ING?” To go from knowing absolutely nothing about this weird experience that was happening to me, not even having any type of conversation like this, to a mini course in my spirit and how it becoming aware, was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

But then once it was explained to me everything made sense. All the upheaval and shifting, all the odd mental, physical and emotional changes that I had been going through made sense. I was told that what was happening to me was at occurring at a very rapid pace, which really startled my new found friend. I was told in order to get into the flow of it I needed to meditate more. Okay! I was also told that once the process starts to become fine-tuned, that I will start to feel better, stronger, clearer and more in line with what I really should be doing in my life. So far everything I was told has basically fallen into place.

Along with this new way of experiencing life I have made some wonderful friends. When I met some of them, I had a sense early on that they were very important. Over the time period of us getting to know each other and feeling safe enough to open up and talk about our lives, a lot of our conversations sounded like this: “Oh my Goodness! You too. I feel the same way!” or “That’s happened to me too!”. I have this running joke that either we are all figuring things out or we are all headed to the sanitarium together!

There is this immense connection between all of us and we share our insights with each other to assist in our spiritual growth process. Sometimes, one of us may get something that the other needs to know. I had one girlfriend hold my hand one evening and tell me something so profound, that I could not recall what she told me the next day. But whatever she told me, my soul absorbed it and I was rendered speechless for two days. This is just one of the wonderful aspects of waking up, knowing that there are others on a similar path as yours. We all are teachers and students at the same time and the opportunity to learn appears to be infinite.

As I look at my social media pages, I often wonder who else is waking up or is already awake? I see people who I know are ahead of me down the road, because their language sounds almost alien, but then, again not really. They are speaking on a higher level, just more fluent than I am right now. However, I never hesitate to  connect with these people. Then I hear the tiny whispers, from those who post things that would go over most people’s heads. These quiet ones, I see them, and always encourage them to speak a little louder. I also see those who are on the edge of awakening. I see their process unfolding and know what’s down the road for them. I know that people have watched me and have commented on the many changes they have seen happen to me over time. So I get excited now when I see others who don’t even realize that they are about to have a breakthrough into something pretty amazing.

This is why I choose to talk about it, to share my story. I am not afraid people are going to think I am weird, because I know I am not the only “weird” person out there. There is a host of awakened people in the media right now leading to way. There are those before us: Angelou, Tolle, Zukav, Dalai Lama, Chopra and many others; they have been telling us for years what is going on. There are celebrities all across the board living awakened lives. And there are also regular people just like you and me who are very aware something really cool is happening.  It a huge choir of many voices.

I am just one voice on the very last row, head thrown all the way back, singing out loud: WAKE UP! LOL!

Viva Divine!


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