Challenge Accepted, Baby

Great challenges make life interesting; overcoming them makes life meaningful.  It’s how you deal with failure that determines your happiness and success.- Anonymous

One subject I am very passionate about is that the challenges in our lives are important opportunities to grow into who we really are. If you were to look back on your life’s path can you see the challenges that have helped you to blossom into a stronger, better person?

I look at challenges two ways. There are challenges that are thrust upon us. It could be some type of incident or life situation that we find ourselves in or frankly something that the Universe seems to slap us with. This is the type I tend to have surface in my life most of the time. It seemed like for a long time, I was getting hit the Challenge Train at 100 miles per hour.

The second type of challenge is the one that we intentionally take on. Something like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, swimming across the ocean, etc. Even though it may appear that we take on these challenges, I suspect that the Universe actually whispers the idea in our ears. And thank goodness the Universe has not whispered in my ear to climb a mountain. I would put the Universe on Ignore, because that is not me. Maybe it knows exactly what type of challenge we need in order to grow our spirit. Either way, these challenges are interesting because if we overcome them our lives can take on a whole new meaning.

One of my challenges was surviving a difficult marriage. Now was this thrust on me? Oh no. I chose to go into this situation fully aware that it was not quite right. I even had the nerve to ask God...Universe (anybody) to intervene and stop the nuptials if I was making the wrong move. Right! Sure. Looking back, I laugh at myself now because I realize I was taking on a challenge. The challenge was to force this relationship that obviously did not fit, into an ideal that I had in my mind. I figured, hey, it's not quite right but we'd make it work. Well was I ever wrong!

Then to make this challenge even more interesting, I realized I was trapped in an abusive and controlling situation, with no one to really turn to for help.

At some point in your challenges, it’s either live or die. In my case, I desperately wanted to happy, to LIVE. It got to a point where I did not care if people were going to be upset with me or tear me apart for walking away. I had to let go wanting that badge of honor for being married to the same person for forty or fifty years. That time frame would have been meaningless since it would have been full of pain and sadness. I was going to make this move come hell or high water, because I really wanted to live.

How does overcoming that challenge make my life more meaningful? I learned a lot of lessons about my strength and have come to appreciate it. I learned I have a powerful mind. I had to think extremely rationally to get out of my situation. I had seen other women in my same situation end up demonized for leaving their spouses and I refused to go out that way. I learned I was fearless, and most importantly, I found my voice. But I have spoken out in a way that will help others in the same situation. I am saying you can walk away and live a calm and peaceful life.  My challenge made me pay attention to everything, every detail, every word, every person who was intertwined within the experience. I learned.

My life is more meaningful now because I know I won’t fall for the same situation again. If I see anything coming my way that remotely resembles what I endured, I bob and I weave, bounce and roll. I only had to learn that lesson ONCE for all eternity. It won’t come my way again.

So take the time to look at some of the things that are challenging you, now. If you want to be stronger, pay attention to what you're learning in the fire.

Have you passed a course? Are you better, stronger, faster? If you are, you should be very proud of your success!

Viva Divine!

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