Epiphanies ROCK!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in Harmony -Mahatma Gandhi.
This past weekend I had a series of wonderful epiphanies. We sometimes call these “Ah-ha” moments. They sometimes occur when you have been thinking of something, wondering about it and turning it over in your mind and you then came to a slow realization. Or you could have been having a conversation with someone, maybe yourself and –bang! a clear sudden understanding about something pops into your head.

Well I had what I like to call a "meanderingly"-explosive epiphany. It was such a gradual process and I think it was so because I needed to seriously digest the gravity of what I was understanding.

But let’s back up for a moment, I have to set up the scene. One thing I have learned since becoming aware is to ASK for specific answers and clarity when facing a situation or when I have a decision to make. The reason why is because I am aware of the connectivity I have because I am fully opening myself. I have also come to experience that every time I get still and ask questions, answers do come, quite clearly and swiftly. Please don’t ask me who is giving me answers! LOL! But I know that these answers don’t come out of MY head because I always end up thinking: WHY didn’t I think of that before? So I have come to learn to rely on this direction and guidance, and so far I have not be led off-track.

So I had this epiphany that not all positive people have experienced an awakening, however spiritually awakened people are definitely consistently positive people. Allow me to explain.

I was always a pretty upbeat person, friendly, kind, loving etc. But in the past I really was not truly happy. I thought negatively and spoke negatively about a lot of things. I had moments of consistent unhappiness and was always aware of moments where I was trying to feel happier. I would use music or anything upbeat to add a charge, but eventually I would sink. Plus my environment was negative and very controlling. So even though I was a pretty nice person there was a good deal of negativity weighing me down.

However, after the intense purging and shifting of all things that were weighing me down and I got lighter, I opened up more, and I started to feel happy. I could constantly feel it this “lightness of being”. I started to reach out in gratitude and ask for more ways to enhance my life and the lives of others. This was when I woke up. The happiness accelerated, along with the ability to feel real  love, deep joy, kindness and peace at a very high level. This led to the development of a complete and extremely positive attitude, one which very rarely dips.

When you've awakened and living in your positive nature, your thoughts, words, actions start to align themselves. If you slip in one of these areas, you will instantly feel as if you’ve tilted the Universe with your energy and will immediately start working on getting back in balance. It’s automatic. If you say something to hurt someone, you will FEEL it immediately and the longer you to take to readjust the energy, you will sink lower and lower. I know for me, I get physically ill, immobile or almost paralyzed.

I said the wrong thing to someone this weekend and felt the tilt instantly. It started with an obnoxious thought that lead to a statement that was really unbecoming of me. My thoughts got misaligned, because I allowed a smidgen of negativity to sneak in. I had to tilt back Universe and man, that’s hard work! I did this by first apologizing to the person, then I set about asking how can I prevent this from ever happening again. That led to another epiphany that had me running around my living room, jumping up and down with joy and completely freaked with happiness. I got so hyper when I finally realized how I will prevent that situation from happening to me ever again, I had so much energy I felt like a rocket! But that’s another story.

But the point I am making is that when you’re awakened you are hyper aware of everything and extremely sensitive the consequences of unwise choices. You cannot think, say or do anything without a response from the Universe. You are so careful with your thoughts, words and behaviors, because you have come to realize the responsibility in that your actions create ripples. Do you want to send out ripples that heal people or hurt them? That’s the question.

A nice person who seems to have a positive attitude and be quite friendly may not be spiritually awake, and it will be reflected in how they treat people. Some very nice people can do some hurtful things and not really care about how it may affect others. They may be friendly and congenial, but will consistently hurt or mistreat people by their attitude in their daily life. They probably don't feel the Universe tilt when they hurt someone.

When a person has experienced a true spiritual awakening, one with the full spectrum that includes the mental, emotional AND physiological symptoms and changes, they will not WANTto to hurt anyone, intentionally. It will go against the new version of who they are becoming. Because the Universe responds faster to people who are wide open to it. People who are not awake, can still do things and not see the blow back as fast as we do, so they carry on because they see no effects, and because they may not care. Essentially, they are holding themselves back from feeling the full extent of love, joy and peace in their lives. And that’s their expression of freewill.  

This was the most beautiful epiphany I have had in a long time. It convinces me that as long as I stay in the flow then everything will basically fall into place. I hope it also encourages you  to really look at your lives and try and discern whether or not you are still in slumber, in the process of waking, or fully aware of who you are and your part in all this wonderful experience called life.  

You will know you’re getting  somewhere when your thoughts, words and actions are in sync. Your positive attitude will be of a higher nature and be more consistent.  Your life will look, feel and be different.

Happy Epiphanies!

Viva Divine!


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