Feel Your Feelings!

Have you ever awakened to your day with a particular feeling? How do you feel waking up to gratitude, joy, peace, calm, gentleness? Feels good right? 

And don’t you just want to keep that feeling going all day long? It infuses your day makes it brighter no matter what comes your way. It also tends to spread to others, making your environment a positive one.

But what if you wake up feeling anger, frustration, heartache, disappointment, loneliness, etc., how do you deal with that? Do you want to carry that big ole bag of negativity all day and just attract more of it? 

Life can't promise you that whatever it is that is causing those feelings will go away today or tomorrow, but I do know that one single second of GRATITUDE can make a whole difference. 

Whatever it is you are being challenged with, try and find something to be grateful for. Your entire existence is not negative, there must be one thing you can say “thank you” for. When you feel that gratitude, hold that moment, take a deep breath and let it expand. Just hold on to it all day. 

And watch out, you will attract someone in your space who is either going to shower you with positive feelings or YOU will find someone whose situation is more dire than yours and needs a helping feeling from you.

Make your life matter.

Viva Divine


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