I Will Not Judge! Sorry Ain't Gonna Happen!

Well it’s official! Since "waking up", I have watched my judgment meter go through a full metamorphic adjustment.

Growing up in a rigid belief system I experienced Judgment and Condemnation being constantly thrown around. It was outright, overt and inescapable. There was always a right/wrong or good/bad perspective when it came to people and their actions. You were judged on what you did or what you believed and that determined whether God loved you or not. I also a recall a scriptural references about “woe to those who say what is bad is good and what is good is bad.” I had a very difficult time with all this because it seemed like this prevented real love to exist.

I LOVE PEOPLE. I was always conflicted because I grew up being told that people outside my belief system were bad association and that we were to limit our association with unbelievers. This caused such an inner turmoil as a child, because as  I was creating friendships with others, I also believed they would be destroyed by God.

Well you can just imagine what happened when that belief system started to crumble. If I thought I had a love for people it  expanded even more. I shot all my beliefs with an AK-47 and completely shook off the apprehension of really getting to know and accept people 100% for you they are. One of the biggest epiphanies was looking at my gay/lesbian friends and realizing how on earth can I look at them any differently? Who am I to judge or question any person’s experience and question who they are? If I know I am heterosexual then they know if they are gay or bisexual, just like they know they sky is blue. The debate of whether they are right or wrong to be who they are does not matter. We are all having our own experience.

This past weekend I went to a gentleman’s club for the first time. This has been something I have wanted to do for a long time because I am a curious person and very open to having different experiences. Once again I was observing people, absorbing the energy of the environment and realized, that I did not judge one single person in the room. The men that were there were having an experience of their choice. The women that were working, were having an experience of their choice. Being in that room only opened me up more to the fact that I have fully accepted that others have a different reality from mine and I just won’t judge them for it, period. I actually spoke to a few of the ladies about their life experiences. People’s experiences are theirs, you won’t know what leads a person down a road or what mindset got them where they were, unless you ask. If you don’t ask and then you assume, I feel that’s judging the person.

So here is something I want to leave with you today:
“How would your life be different if you stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.” ― Steve Maraboli

Just a thought!

Viva Divine!

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