Negative Energy Killed A Butterfly

The more you make your way down the road of self awareness and release all and anything that weighs you down, there is a lightness of being that is truly indescribable. For the most part you feel light and effervescent. Happy and free! High on life! 
Can you see it coming? There's a catch.

I sent an awesome holiday weekend surrounded by peace, love, great friends and family. I met new friends and learned new ways of loving and being more authentic in my skin. With no social media to distract me I was completely focused on the moments.

I was porous. Emptied and filled with a lightness that I took back with me to work. Before I could get settled I encountered someone who was upset. Relax and block is my spiritual modus operandi when dealing with others who carry a heavy spiritual load. Next I was met with someone who had been triggered into frustration and finally the trigger man came into play. I put my Positive Forcefield on!

So I spent the whole day aware of guarding my energy and trying to defuse what was unfolding around me. I thought I was fine until upon driving home I realized I was craving to get into my house, my sanctuary and place of zen. I was hoping the calm that I have created there would balance me out. However I found myself crawling upstairs and ended up prone on the living room floor, with warm rocks all over my forehead in meditation for an hour. Even though I felt much better afterwards and went to bed there was a restlessness to my spirit. Finally I dozed off only to be awakened by a thunderstorm and that's when I knew my day was shot. I was literally it tears and felt like I'd been hit by a big yellow school bus!

When you're light, you're a sponge for everything negative or positive around you. When you have an empathic nature you sense and feel everything that happens in your zone. Since energy is matter it seeps in and when it's negative, it's debilitating. 

It only made me wonder: If I feel this way how does the person carrying a mostly negative charge feel? If I can feel the prickles of an agitated person, how in the world do they function? Are they so unaware that they infect others?

When I was in my low state in life I was aware of it and kept my vibes in check so I wouldn't contaminate others and their environment. I sometimes wish others could see it that way. I wish they could understand that their environment is responding to them with the same vibes they emit. I wish people would take the time to look deep inside at their issues and start the kneading process to work out what ever is holding them back their true essence. I'm going to keep wishing.

In the meantime to all the highly sensitive people (HSPs) out there I say; take care of yourselves. Fortify your spirit and hold that positive charge. If possible distance yourself from the negative influence. Stay grounded and continue to celebrate the unfolding experience. With love.

Viva Divine!

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