Potatoes, Potatoes, Clear or Clair. Is It Really Any Different?

One of things that amuses me with those of us who are waking up is that we have this funny way of feeling each other out. It’s such a fascinating time and you’re experiencing new things. You want to share your experiences with others but at the same time some people are still hesitant to be fully open. And so we find interesting ways to relate to  and feel out each other’s experience.

Over the weekend, I spent some time with some really fascinating people learning new things and sharing  experiences. Someone approached me and struck up a conversation. Mid conversation, I was asked: “Since embarking on this part of the journey are you more aware of the areas where you are clear?” Of course I answered: “Pretty much getting there in all areas of my life!”  The person’s eyes grew wide with astonishment and they became quite excited. I was thinking to myself: What’s the big deal, why the odd reaction. Next thing I knew, I was being asked a barrage of questions but the one that struck me was: “So like what do you see, can you see things?”

A light bulb went off in my head! I thought this person was asking me if I was “clear”, but no they were asking me in which areas was I "clair"! Remember I said we have a funny way of feeling each other out?

So let’s just briefly touch on what this person meant by being “clair”. You can call this a crash course on “Beyond your Five Senses.”

When people hear the words clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant, they immediately freak out. People think psychic abilities, crystal balls, spiritism, etc., and now I am sure some of you instantly have this image of me looking like Miss Cleo. Sigh. I fault a lot of this general ignorance partially on our religious upbringing and those who have abused capabilities that we ALL have to the detriment of others and made this whole subject taboo.

Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, we all have these abilities, though they are somewhat dormant and insentient. But those senses are there, trust me. Have you not ‘known’ something, or sensed something would happen and it did, but you just could not explain it? Have you seen or heard something that you could not explain, so you dismiss it? Have heard the phone ring and know who was calling you? Have you had a bad feeling about a person or situation that you could not shake? Those are symptoms of additional senses that we have and are not using.

I was the kid that always heard things that no one else heard. When I was five I woke up one morning, lying in bed awake, and heard something that terrified me so much that I screamed so loudly it woke up the whole house and the neighbors next door. I would hear all kinds of things and I would tell my others thinking they certainly heard it too. That only made my mother worry about me. No I do not hear voices, trust me, this is not from a brain disorder. This is specific things, sounds, music, words, a voice, very clear instances of information where I would have to stop and pay attention to what I was hearing, and always in my right inner ear. I would always question myself. But over time I got used to it, I accepted that it was my main thing and I learned to appreciate it. My strongest sixth sense, from childhood was clairaudience, which is basically, CLEAR HEARING!

So let’s change the words around and see how much more comfortable you will feel when I say: we all have the abilities to be CLEAR knowing, hearing, feeling and seeing. They are just “dormant intuitive modalities”. Some people make much use of them and we say they are psychic. They can be used or misused just like any of our five known senses. Some of us them for progression and service to others and some use them for service to self. Your life will reflect which direction you chose to go.

The reason why I brought up this topic is because when you go through an awakening you will become more aware of them. You have to remember, your soul, your essence or the spirit of who you are has now been awakened. Things will be more CLEAR to you. You will just know and understand more. You will see and feel things on a deeper level, and hear information that will only make this experience better.

I grew up in a very religious environment and this was probably one of the hardest things to accept. I was taught these things were demonic, wrong and evil. Well yes, as I said anything can be used and misused. But for the majority of those waking up, we use these senses to give our life direction and to help others. We sense things completely out, ask questions and listen for answers, feel our feelings and trust the knowing that is presented to us. We are clear, in the sense that we have been working on clearing any impediments to the inner selves. The more you clear out, the more you hear, see, know and feel. It’s like cleaning a dirty grimy window. It’s a tapping into our intuition to the deepest point, fine-tuning it, where it becomes a precise navigational tool.

Once you fine tune the navigational tool, it just makes life easier. It makes your direction and purpose more evident, therefore giving your life a deep meaning and a broader perspective.

We have to take the mysticism out of this topic in order to use these inherent tools wisely. We have to see them for what they truly are, gifts to our spirit. We have to understand that if they are within us, something meant that to be a part of who we are. It’s all part of the process of being a true, authentic spiritual individual.

So, do you feel more comfortable know that you can be clearly, clair?

Viva Divine!

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