Rejection is Release!

Hello. I am a Breaker-Upper. I am the person who breaks things off, or will be the first to walk away.  The reason why I am coming clean is because I want to talk to the Breakees, the ones who are left wondering what on earth just happened especially when everything “seemed” to  be going fine.

I can’t speak for all Breakers, but for me breaking it off with someone is mainly because I am usually very aware the other person and I are headed to Isle of Nowhere, Vale of No Attraction or The Land of Wasting Time. Frankly, I believe life is just too short to take on a futile endeavor when there is so much more to be experienced. When I am ready to sail off for other shores, I usually bid the person adieu, because I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings or hurt feelings.  I need to keep my flow right, closure is important because it’s about setting the right type of energy in my life.

Here is the problem Breakees, and take heart. Unfortunately, a lot of people are just inconsiderate cowards and that’s the honest truth. Instead of telling you that it may be best that you both move on or try to establish a friendship, most people just disappear out of your life, leaving you hurt and bewildered. They are too afraid to man/woman up and clear the air with you. It fosters negative energy both ways. Whether or not people want to believe it, non-closure is like a remnant attached to your life. You have not cleared the air with another soul, you left a fragment undone, thinking it does not matter. Oh it matters! You have a negative trail floating behind you. Eventually from all this build up we end up with a lot of crappy relationship karma.

But Breakees, I want you to think about something? Do you see the negative energy that’s left behind? Do you really want to be with someone who could not be honest with you? Do you want to be with someone who is not brave enough to say: “I like you, it was great, but I don’t think we will anything more than friends?” You probably don’t. Reflecting on things from that perspective may help to cushion the blow of the break-up. Sometimes you have keep in mind that rejection is a form of release.

Being very clear about what it is you want in a relationship can really help to clarify and lessen the break up blows. Another thing to remember is that another person, cannot fill your voids. In other words if you are looking for someone to love you and to make you feel happy, you’re probably going to end up with some disappointment. Love is not outside of you, it is inside of you! Knowing what you want and working toward being your best self are just some ways to draw quality people into your life. When you start to draw people into your orbit, you will be able to tell quite quickly if they fit your list…and then guess what: YOU BECOME THE BREAKER, but the breaker with a heart! Because you have experienced the hurt, you now are part of the process of ending it. Positive vibes all around.

So if someone broke up with you and it hurt, it’s okay. It’s all a lesson. You are just having a journey and it’s a small part of your experience. Each break up is a chance to re-evaluate what you really…REALLY want and deserve!

Now say it with me: REJECTION IS RELEASE!

Okay, bye!

Viva Divine!

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