The Full Meltup!

As I was driving home from work the other day, I was thinking about how different my life is today compared to what is was 3, 5, 10  years ago. In the middle of my thoughts I got choked up. The next thing I knew I was having a meltup. Yes, I said meltup. 

For years I had meltdowns. You all know those right? Those over the top, melodramatic, ugly-crying, snot fests, full of pain and anguish.  For me, I went all the way into mine, I am actually surprised that no one has given me my Oscar Award because my pity parties were full on blockbuster blow outs!

But now in my life, to replace all the tears of anguish, I get to have meltups. Imagine if you will, feeling happiness and joy at a consistent level all the time, but at the same time you have a clear memory of heartache and pain. Imagine for no reason you get a booster feeling that hits you out of nowhere. You can recall the memory in your mind of the pain, but that pain, it is nowhere in your heart or body. You no longer feel it. BOOM! Here comes the meltup! I just started crying tears of joy. There was this immense feeling of gratitude that swelled in my heart. It took all my power not to pull over and just let loose.

My mind started racing with thoughts about how wonderful it felt to feel emotionally pain free and just plain good. I also realized at the same time that this feeling is not temporary. You know, when you catch yourself in a really good mood and then you allow that little voice in the back of your mind to creep in that says: “Don’t get too attached to this! Something will come to mess things up!” NO…this is a type of feeling you know will be maintained. Once you feel it you’re protective of it. You will sacrifice all kinds of things for your Happy and Peace. You know that no matter what, you will roll with the punches because your happiness is sacred and you WILL NOT LET IT DIE! Because if your happy dies so will you. At least, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

This whole experience has made me so aware of how precious life is in a way that catapults any feeling I ever had before. I keep telling my friends who are also on the path, to LEAN IN all the way. Be open, get your healing. Do the work and purge all the karma-drama. Because the faster you address your festering soul the quicker you will heal and get to see and feel who you really are.  And you will feel those feelings in a full meltup, where you’re so happy that you went through all the hard and icky parts because it was so worth it.

So if you happen to see this chick with a wild head of hair, driving in her car, tears rolling down her face, makeup running everywhere, head thrown back, laughing her butt off, not giving hoot about how nutty she looks, screaming; WHEEE!... that my friend, is yours truly.

In a full MELTUP, baby! Blissfully in a full blown awakening with no end in sight!

Viva Divine!

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