The Law Of Attraction: A Cautionary Tale

One of the most useful tools that will assist you in living a Divine Life is the Law of Attraction. You have heard of it, maybe the movie the Secret comes to mind. Simply put “the law of attraction is based in the law of the universe in which you are the creator of your reality. You have created everything in your reality including your eggshell of limitations”. So basically what you see, the life that you are living, the things occurring and the people in your life you are attracting them with your thoughts and intent.

LOA is a staple in my life, it’s almost like breathing. My life is really full, happy, positive, peaceful and loving, because that’s the energy that I am putting out into the universe. The people in my life are here because my energy is a magnet for them and vice versa.

I can also tell you that when you get in the FLOW with LOA that things will manifest so quickly it can make your head spin. You will go from ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE to ASK-RECIEVE. I am going to give you an example. Pay close attention.

August of last year, my intuition woke me up out of my sleep yelling at me: “Someone is coming!” I lay there in shock, because it was so loud it was as if someone actually yelled it in my right ear. “Someone” was coming and it was a male. That’s all I knew. Fast forward to October, and I was having a conversation with someone about the type of guy that I wanted to meet. I spoke in very specific terms about this type of guy. And then I forgot about it. I put absolutely no energy or effort on the thought after that.

A month later, on a Monday morning while leaving the house for work, I accidentally locked myself out of my place and was stuck in the garage and my car keys were inside the house. I am the Queen of Lock Picking but that morning the locked door won. Now, something told me to go outside and ask a neighbor for a knife to pry open the door. But I ignored my intuition. I stayed home that day.
Wednesday of the same week, I locked myself out again, this time out of the house and the car. I was standing the in garage and literally said: Why is this happening to me? This time however I decide to go outside and I am trying to figure out which one of my neighbor needs to meet the dingbat who keeps locking herself out of the house.

As I am standing in the dark, this guy walks out of his place taking out his trash. I waved down this complete neighbor-stranger and asked if I could use his cell phone to call Roadside Assistance. He kindly let me use his phone and while poking fun at me for being “really blonde”. Nice guy, Mr. Smartass. Eventually he leaves and my help shows up, life is fine.

The following Saturday, coming home from grocery shopping, my intuition yelled that same message: “Someone is coming, be careful” Once again, I just let the information sink in. The next day, while going through the front door to take the trash out, I noticed a business card stuck in the door jam. It’s from my neighbor who helped me, a note saying he was checking on me and a request to call him to let him know that everything turned out alright that morning.

Well, basically we ended getting to know each other and the most amazing thing was this: he was exactly what I had asked for, a MONTH prior. What was even more amazing, he had moved into the neighborhood in August, the very month my intuition had told me someone was coming my way.

However the twist to this story, even though I had asked for a guy just like this, he was NOT what I needed. As I got to know him, I had to acknowledge that he’d make a great friend and that was all. Lesson learned. Don’t ask for things your heart really does not want.

The Law of Attraction is that precise. That is why you have to be very careful when you utilize it in your life. You have to be very sure and extremely clear of what you want in life. The Law will respond to what you request and even if it’s not what you need it will still give it to you.

I shared this story with you so you could grasp the power that you can have over your life. I have lots more of these incredible tales that I will share in the future.

But it’s time for you to start learning more about LOA. Google is your best friend. Have fun learning the (un) Secret!

Viva Divine.

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