A Divine Love Lesson.

This post is dedicated to my soul sister, my BFFAEA Kim T. We have been estranged for the last three years and this is the third time in our lives this has occurred. A few days ago I had a dream about her, we were back in the thick of things again. I had not thought of her in a long time, so I'm hoping my dream was a promise that soon we will reunite one more time, for the last time! That dream inspired my post, because when I woke up everything made sense,
Never give up hoping for those you truly love! 

As your consciousness grows, there will be an insurmountable amount of assistance, clarity and understanding available to you. Certain situations that you may have constantly ruminated over and struggled with will somehow reveal themselves to you. Answers to questions concerning situations that you struggled to understand in the past will become so crystal clear, that you know deep within your soul the answers are coming through from a Source other than your own mind. I am going to share with you something that when it came so clear to me, everything that I had experienced in the past made perfect sense. This really helped me put things in the proper perspective. It also showed me how the Universe really does have a plan and there are no coincidences, just beautiful synchronicities.

Throughout our lives we create friendships with people. They come into our lives and we recognize we share commonalities, similar backgrounds and experiences. Over a period of time, we build up a bond of trust and love with them and value the friendship as it enriches our lives. I have wonderful friends
such as these and we get along tremendously well and hardly ever have a moment of strife or discord. 

But there are other people who enter our lives and even BEFORE you start to build the friendship there is an instant recognition about them that is completely different than what I described above. I can count on one hand the people who have affected me this way. From the instant of the first engagement my intuition screamed at me and alerted me about a very familiar feeling about them. Unlike the other friends who I grew to love, I recognized I loved them almost instantly. It did not take me very long to figure them out. I could see right through these special people, and I felt like I knew them forever. This truly shocked me.

There was an instant camaraderie, very similar to those lifelong built friendships, but there was almost a deeper attachment to these people. A unique energy field seemed to exist when I interacted with each of them and everyone else can feel it and sense it. It’s so palpable.

However, there is one stark difference with these friendships and  those with others you easily get along with. Once I noticed this difference with these people in my life I really started to pay close attention. These very special people, to whom we find ourselves strangely drawn and attached to, are the ones who seem to hurt us the most. There is so much real love and affection but these are the people who will attack us, snub us, mistreat us, take us for granted, ignore us and completely shut us out of their lives and even terminate the friendships.

Then after a while, sometimes even years, just when our hearts have healed, we find ourselves back in the ring with them again. Everything is peachy for a while and then next thing you know, it’s back to the same madness all over again. Now all our other friends are looking at us as if we have lost our minds, because they would never treat us so poorly and cannot understand why we put ourselves through this kind of drama with these particular people.

And guess what? A lot of times we don’t know why either! Trust me, if we could expel them from our lives we would and trust me we have tried. After all, they treat us so badly at times, we wonder how on earth we can reconcile their obnoxious behavior with the love we feel for them in our hearts. We are intelligent people and know how to create boundaries, right? But with these people it’s uniquely different. Even though they can rip our hearts to shreds, we still genuinely love them. And no, I am not saying that these are abusive relationships and that we are too weakened to walk away, because many times we do. But somewhere deep inside we realize that there is something within their spirit that keeps calling out to us, to love them unconditionally, despite all that they do. We can see the good in them, deep down to their core.
And this is when a good friend of mine who is walking the path with me said something that made it all so very clear.

She said: “We have been assigned to them to teach them how to trust being loved. They have been assigned to us to teach us how to love unconditionally. ” And when she said it I totally got it.

Because we know that these people KNOW that we love them. They know that there is a loyalty and love specific only on to them. They feel it deeply in their soul too. But for some reason it does not quite compute that someone could really love them that much and that the person is only here to do exactly that for them; just love them. And for some odd reason they fight back at our love and make things very diff-re-cult. For us, loving them is just so natural and easy. However I have come to realize for them it’s hard to open up, trust and receive that love.

On this two way assignment, while we are learning to love them unconditionally, take my word for it, they are learning to accept being loved too, albeit a bit slowly. Never think for one moment they are completely gone out of your life. Those of us who are open, intuitive and have been paying attention, we are learning our lessons, and we get it. But they will keep returning or crossing our paths until ALL their lessons are complete. Therefore, we are actually each other’s best teachers.

So step back a little and look at those special people in your life. Do you see them clearly?

Are you the Giver? No doubt you have been hurt numerous times, and despite that, you keep on loving. Your job is to develop healthy boundaries and sometimes if you have to, walk away from them. But never, ever stop loving them.

And those of you, who are Receivers, are you aware of the people who show consistent love to you unlike anyone else? You may have treated them poorly in the past, but at some point you are going to have to let the Givers do the job of loving you. That is what they are here for. You have to stop giving them reasons to walk away and you have to stop pushing them away.
If you both can come to that place where you just trust and allow what has always meant to happen, you’ll come to experience something that some people will envy. A true friendship based on pure unconditional love. 

Something beautiful is trying to give birth and it's a cycle of love. Love from above to the Giver who gives it freely to the Receiver who becomes filled with love who then expands and it goes back to the Source! Get it? 
Pay attention. Learn your lessons. Live a beautiful life!

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