Encouragement To Those Hearing The Call.

Oh, that Big Wake Up Call. The one that got your attention and made you look at your life and realize: I DON’T LIKE THIS!  So you started to make some changes and they felt so good, so intrinsically right, that you kept plugging away at it, even when you had a low moment. You kept pushing. Well, I am here to tell you that it only gets better. Your spirit will begin to take some amazing leaps and bounds. Get ready!

Some days I can actually feel the shift from the previous day, I will literally wake up and say to myself: “I feel very different.” Some days I feel like I get a booster shot of an emotion, be it joy, happiness, peace or love. I am bouncing off the walls at times. I believe I feel this way because I show immense gratitude for what I have been given, and I also ask for more. Be Grateful! Ask for more! I ask for more because I need these tools to help me to live the best life. It’s not about money, fame or fortune. That was never my thing. I have always had a specific dream and I now can actually see how attainable it is.

My dream is about living a peaceful, quiet, calm and good life, filled with lots of love, great family and friendships. It includes being able explore life, be able to constantly learn and grow. A life of service. It’s about finding a life purpose and a work that sticks to my heart unlike anything before. It’s about living a life that when it ends, I will close my eyes and have a huge smile on my face.

So what can I say to you? Well, once you start down this road, beware, there is no going back. Why would you go back anyway? Because you can actually recall the old version of yourself and it may cause you to recoil in dismay. You may ask yourself: Who was that person? That my friend, was a low end facsimile of who you really are. This version, the 2.0 version of yourself can actually see the realities that lie ahead. You know what you want to do and what you want to experience. You will be fearless about everything. You are working toward a wholeness unlike anything you could imagine. You will feel different, look different, so brand new, that people are going to notice. Real love, true success and happiness are on the way, because now you are working at your optimum spiritual state and you have harnessed something really Powerful. How can you fail?

The life that you have always dreamed about living is now on the cusp. You can see it, and you can taste it. It’s going to happen. Trust me, I would not lie to you. It's coming! And isn't that exciting?

Enjoy the ride of your lifetime! Keep reaching!


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