From The Physical Archive: When We Get Tired

Today’s blog is a blast from the past. It’s a free-style entry from an old journal of mine from a few years ago. I almost cannot believe I actually wrote this, because I barely recognize that girl. 

But I thought I would share this, because who of us has not found themselves having to release someone we truly love out of our lives? When we love someone wholeheartedly and stand in that place to give love, as it should be given freely, and it's not acknowledged, it's a trying and exhaustive place. 

Eventually one grows weary of expressing the emotion and the only recourse is to let the person go with love. There is a blockage to the love we are extending, so we find a way around it and this is the process of letting go.

Love is like a river. It flows. When met with an obstacle such a rock the waters may stay there gently caressing what is blocking it. But the goal of the river is to keep flowing. So eventually the water streams around the rock and continues back to it's source.

That is true love. It meets a rock and eventually realizes with wasting energy beating the rock and flows around it. Funny, we weaklings grow weary, but love never does.

Short and sweet. Enjoy.

Viva Divine!

When We Get Tired

We are the people who come into your lives to love you. We don’t ask for anything. We are only there to give. We don’t know why we love you, we just do. Maybe we keep coming back to you because something deep in YOUR soul calls out to us. 
But you are so deeply hurt that you won’t let something good happen. It’s as if you don’t know how to truly accept love. You sabotage every good gesture we extend. You stab us with thoughtless words. Ignore our sincere generosity. Try to manipulate us by your silence. When all you have to do is feel what we are giving to you. Respond to us without hindrance or fear because we are NOT here to hurt you.
But you don’t know how to take that chance. 
Till one day, you stab us just deep enough to draw blood and that is when we realize that we have had one wound too many. This is when, as hard as it is, we find the strength to walk away from you. Because we realize that no matter how much we love you, it won’t make difference. Because we realize that to relive the pain each time you stab us is just too much. We cannot take chances with you anymore.  
We leave.  
And will you miss us? It no longer matters.
We love you, but no longer care.

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