I've Got A G On My Chest!

One of the most important aspects of your spiritual growth will be the ever increasing feeling of gratitude. When you look around at all the things you have been blessed with you have to take a moment to acknowledge the source or sources of these wonderful gifts. 

But it does not stop at just the blessings. It carries over to the situations or people in life that challenge you. I was chatting with a girlfriend about the simultaneous events that were happening in our lives. For me a situation unfolded where if it had happened five or ten years ago I would have been completely immobilized and upset. Instead there I was plotting my next move, putting in my next order to the Universe. 

I helped her to see that ALL things, good or bad are opportunities to look at life from the viewpoint that it is just another step on our Path. I told her when things happen that are outside of your ability to control we have to understand there must be a bigger picture that we cannot see at the moment. And that this little hiccup that we are facing, though uncomfortable could be a precursor to a bigger blessing that we may need.

Everything that comes my way has a purpose. I have come to realize that every event leads to another. I look back on how far I have come and I can see the trail. I see where things changed a bigger better change was right on the horizon. If I had fixed my sights on the initial problem and stayed stuck in it I'd would miss the whole picture. 

In that moment of NOW where this situation was revealing itself, I'd look at things and think: This is happening. Do not be afraid, do not fret. Be prepared. listen to your heart and it will move you. Celebrate this moment and be grateful for it as it is leading you to something else. 

As I sit here typing this, I'm so excited! I'm so grateful for all events as I know they are beautiful presents just waiting to be unwrapped for me to say: THANK YOU!

Cultivate a heart of gratitude. The more grateful you are the more the Universe will give to you. And always remember that no matter what, the Universe will ALWAYS GIVE YOU THE BEST!

I've added a link to an article below that I think you will enjoy!

Live the life. Love all with your whole heart! 



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