Okay! Okay! I Surrender!

“Surrender creates equanimity and bliss because you release yourself from any attachment to the results.” ― Annette Vaillancourt

This morning as I was lying in bed, the word surrender popped into my head.  I think I have always been reliant on Divine Intervention to some degree. I grew up in a religious household, and “throw your burden on God” was a basic mantra that I grew up with. Most times I did “let go and let God”. But I never got the full measure of assistance that I needed until I got to this point in my life and really learned to surrender it all. And I mean ALL!

I love this particular definition of surrender: ‘to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed.’ This definition really resonates with me, because of the back end statement: “You will not win or succeed”.

It’s that simple realization that helped to push me out of trying to control anything in my life. I live in a reality where I know everything I want or need, every single situation will not come to a full success unless I let go, be open, get in the flow and not worry about how situations will transpire.  

There have been times where I found myself struggling with something. I knew there was a solution, I could sense it, but for some odd reason I could not reach it. I would wreck my brain trying to figure out how to solve the issue. It would just sit there, taunting me. I have solved other things before, right? So why couldn’t I get the answer or solution I was looking for?

It was in asking that question that I finally clued into something that really helped me grow. I came to understand that whenever we are facing something we can’t solve it’s an opportunity to experience the promise that something bigger will solve it. It’s an opportunity for that Source to shows us it’s there and it cares and can solve anything. The situation may be about us, but it is not up to us to fix it. That’s when we should surrender. It’s in that moment of clarity, when we completely let go, knowing that the problem will be solved and not be concerned as to how that will transpire. It’s like having a broken toy that you cannot fix, and you take it to a parent, trusting it will be fixed, while you go out and play in the sunshine.  
But let’s take it a step further. We learn to surrender the things we can’t solve, but what about the situations that we seem to be able to get through, do we surrender those also? What about all things in general?

Every minute of every day, I put myself in full surrender mode. In the background of my life today, there is this constant humming. I am so aware of it now, even as I write this post. I surrendered to it completely and opened myself up to it, so that it has full guidance of my life, in big things and little. If I catch myself hesitating or a smidgen of worry pops up, I dismiss it and know that it will be just fine. I will either get the tools to take care of what crops up, or it will untangle itself on its own. And the problems that crop up get rectified faster because I let go way before they even surface. There is an abundance of support on our side if we just allow it. It takes practice and faith.

And here is the big plus to all this for me: a certain type of inner peace that I have always longed for. I know every outcome has its purpose, so I don’t get stressed out over things. I know whatever happens at the end I cannot go wrong because I have surrendered it to something that is bigger than I am. I trust that everything will fall into place as it should, because guess what? God wants me to be completely happy! Period!

By fully surrendering everything and trusting, I get to have fun and really enjoy life. I know surrendering leads to success in everything. We may be facing trying situations and can’t see the end at times, but we have to trust completely that it will work out for the best. And there lies the source of our peace.

Plus, if I let God do the job he is here to do, that’s just another day I get to run around like a kid in this life and play in the sun! So, come what may; I Surrender.

Viva Divine!

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