Saving Myself.

I'm so grateful for being able to take the thoughts out of my head and put them on paper so I can see them. Seems like a simple thing, right?

It took some time to identify that writing all these years has saved my life. The chronicling of my life experiences has helped me see where I've been, how I've grown and where my deepest desires in life lie and where these desires will take me. 

Every now and again I revisit old journals and spend some time with me. It's always amazing to see the specific threads that have woven throughout my life. I pay attention to the patterns and use them as a guide. 

I believe introspection is a fundamental key to growth. The sooner we sink ourselves in finding out who we are and why we are here, the faster the meaning of our life unfolds. 

We sometimes have to be alone with ourselves and our inner voice to hear the truth about our lives. The constant cacophony of other voices and our mind's own chatter can distract us from achieving the silence and hearing that voice.

I've heard my voice through pen and paper. I became enthralled by this person who no matter what, is bent on surviving whatever challenges placed at her feet in order to reach the joys of this life.

When I visit that part of myself I am shocked at times because if I did not know her, and that she was me, I'd say she's an amazingly strong person. It's in spending time with those stories of me that gives me the impetus to push and dream and never give up.

I've now come to appreciate that whatever saves you, you must harness it and use it to keep yourself afloat. I realize it's an inherent ability that we may not instantly see, but when faced with adversity we will return to that anchor repeatedly.

So here I am, in the quiet of an early Saturday morning, saving myself again. I'm grateful and blessed and truly at peace.


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