Kundalini: The Serpentine Fire- Part II

Before you read this post, read the first installation, which was "homework" for this post. You can do that here.

Now you can read the story below.This is all true.

One day in the summer of 2013 while I was doing chores around the house, my ever trustworthy intuition quietly said to me: “Go lie down”. Because I am still a child at heart and must do my chores before I can go outside to play, I ignored my inner voice. I had too much to do and frankly I did not feel tired, so I kept on moving.

Well, let me tell you something, if you don’t listen to that quiet whisper, it will yell at you. A few minutes later I heard loudly in my right inner ear: GO LIE DOWN NOW! So, immediately I dropped what I was doing, stormed off to the bedroom, snatched back the covers and climbed into bed. I was feeling quite perturbed as I laid there. I grumbled and pouted. I was not tired! Why did I have to do this, I thought, as I stared up at the ceiling.

Well the next thing I knew I was jolted awake. I was unaware that at some point that I had fallen asleep. But I was now completely alert and I noticed immediately an odd sensation all over my body. It felt as if someone had taken my index finger, stuck it into the electrical socket and flipped a switch on inside of me. There was a flow of energy moving up and down my body from my head to my feet, and my body was literally vibrating.  Actually it felt as if all of me was humming. There was a buzzing in my ears. The sensation felt slightly irritating but not painful at all. Then suddenly, I realized that I could not move one muscle in my body. I was completely paralyzed.

Looking back I laugh at myself now, but it was really truly scary, then. I had long since understood the ins and outs of sleep paralysis and had gotten past my childhood fears of waking up and being unable to move. I no longer believed that notion that “demons were sitting on my chest”, as the reason for sleep paralysis. But in that split second of feeling all those odd sensations and the inability to move, I began to call on every single deity and savior I could think of to help get me out of this state.  And in the middle of my mental screams to God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Aphrodite, Zeus, Peter, Paul and Mary; I felt something like a warm hand gently rest on my thigh and in my head I heard: “Relax”.

“Okay” I said to myself, and I laid there just allowing my body to feel all of this odd sensation. There was an ebb and flow, a rising and lowering of intensity to this feeling. Well after laying there for a few minutes, yours truly decides that this is the end of my life and I am really having a complete nervous breakdown. A beautiful psychotic break. I thought since this is happening then I am going to get all the answers I wanted out of the Universe. So I asked questions in my head about people and situations in my life. Miraculously like a high-definition movie, for every question I asked, I received instantaneous visual responses, in unbelievable clarity. To this day I don’t know if my subconscious mind already knew the answers but they were clear and quite understandable. But I know that the questions I asked, I instinctively felt there was no way I could consciously know the answers.

I realized at some point I was still in bed looking through the wall into my living room and realized there was a robbery in process. In the right side of my head I hear: “YOU NEED to tell your property manager you want a NEW garage opener!” You see, my garage door had been malfunctioning, going up at odd times of the day and night. Despite many attempts to tweak it, it was still not working. So I heard the advice and knew I needed to heed it.

Eventually this whole experience became very dreamlike and soft and I felt myself slowly awaken. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. After I asked myself, what in the Hades was that, I could not help but notice an extreme sense of calmness and I was still alive! I could speak! My head had not blown off my neck!  I was not afraid. And just to let me know that I had not hallucinated the whole entire event, I realized that my right hand was tucked under my left armpit. And in my left armpit I could feel the vibrating energy that was earlier moving all over my body!

I would continue to have these rather strange, but fascinating events regularly after this first instance. At times only my legs would vibrate, or my hands. Once I woke up and I felt like my head was being electrocuted. That was very trippy.  Sometimes I could sense one of the events was going to occur before I would fall asleep. Right before they would begin, there is a drop off, a dead silence, a stillness that occurred in the air and the instant I am aware of the quiet, the next thing I know I am vibrating and humming. I just got to a point where I felt like they were a part of me. I felt normal and healthy, and very energetic after each event. But of course, I told no one. Who would believe me anyway? The last thing I wanted anyone think was that I was having some type of alien abduction.

Oh wait! That’s another story!

It would take an out of the world experience that occurred on December 11, 2013 for me to finally put the pieces together. When everything was explained to me and I was told why these events were happening in my life, I ran full tilt into a spiritual education unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Since then I have come to expect and look forward to the wonderful charge of my Kundalini and embrace this experience fully. It is the reason why I have moved through things faster, and released people and situations from my life. For me Kundalini is the inner fire that burnt out all my CRAAAAAAAAP! So when one rises I know I am going to move even faster. It’s the reason for this insane boundless energy of a 20 year old. It clears all the blockages so I can create more efficiently. It’s my inner spiritual Power Source, no longer dormant and constantly getting stronger and brighter. Everything is better with a Kundalini awakening…everything! *insert OMG face*

Just in case you are wondering, no, they are not hot flashes, I am nowhere near menopausal. No, I have not been diagnosed with a neurotic disorder and I was also not on drugs or under the influence of alcohol at any time during these rises.

Now that I fully understand its purpose and its importance, I feel more open to talking about it. I suspect that people’s Kundalini have been awakening slowly over time, they are just unaware of it. I know now that I had  little twinges prior to the big event and these were warning signs. I have had other people share their stories with me. All in all, it’s a wonderful event if experienced properly and will only assist you on the awakening process.

Google is your friend! You will find tons of information on Kundalini out there. The next time you hear me singing: Fire! You will know why!

Oh and you can say: “Wow” now!


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