Some People Are Not A Part Of Your Destiny!

Every step of the way on this Path you can rest assured that you will get all the tools you need to properly navigate.

As I mentioned in the piece about surrendering, it’s imperative that you let go and trust that everything will be revealed to you in time. Part of the process of awakening is the constant shedding of things that no longer serve you. It’s an ongoing process, something that will continue to occur throughout your lifetime. A situation may be more deeply entrenched than you first realized, therefore the shedding may come in layers. Each skin sloughs off, not only resulting in a lightness and but also a clarity.

With each shedding, you are also learning. Just imagine, if the entire outer layer fell away in an instant, you may very well miss an important lesson. If you find yourself asking; why am  I still dealing with this circumstance, the immediate response you will get is the you need to. It’s working something out in you. It is forcing you to really look at what you are dealing with so you can understand and grow. The situation may show you how not to make a repeat performance. Allow the information to come in and allow it to do its work in clarifying your path. Do not doubt it.

If things are coming your way, if things are being revealed or presented to you, trust that they are coming from a source that truly wants the best for you. Look at each revelation with a sweet confidence that what is being shown to you is because you need to know. Nothing can be hidden under the sun. All things will reveal themselves in time. People and situations will give you all the information you need. Things will fall into your lap at just the right time.

The goal is for you to clear away any vestiges that are not in line with your Purpose. Since you have something to meaningful contribute, you need to be focused, and unnecessary distractions should be minimal. This is what the Source is doing for you. It’s removing things that don’t belong to your purpose, it’s helping you shed the dry layers of your life. It’s clearing the way so you can be more aligned and draw to you what IS going to help you to fulfill your task.

Trust the message. Stay focused. Be confident. It’s all for a greater good!



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