The Apt Pupil.

“All great achievements arose from dissatisfaction. It is the desire to do better, to dig deeper that propels a civilization to greatness. All of us have heard the story of Icarus, the young boy who took the wings his father built for him. Wings that were meant to carry him over the ocean to freedom and used them instead for a joyride. For a brief moment Icarus felt what it was like to live like a god, to touch the sun, to soar above the common man. And for doing so he payed the ultimate price. Like Icarus we too have been given gifts: knowledge, education, experience. And with these gifts comes the responsibility of choice. We alone decide how our talents are bestowed upon the world. This is our destiny and we hold it in the palm of our hands.”
― Todd Bowden Apt Pupil.

I've had a spiritual awakening. I woke up and found myself in this bizarre classroom unlike any other. I realize I am wearing bifocals with tape around the middle and I look down and I am wearing one striped sock and a solid one. I am officially a nerd. Hooray! My desk is piled with books, the titles are quite odd. Along with the books on my desk, are colorful writing paper and pens. I look up at the instructor standing in the front of the room. There is a striking demeanor about this person and an emboldened presence unlike anything I've ever felt from any other teacher before. I'm a bit lost but inside of me, I sense an excitement. I'm about to learn some incredible lessons.

I look at my classmates and I already see the other students who are like me. We have a quizzical look on our faces but we recognize each other as future study partners. In my spiritual peripheral I can already sense the other students who are still not quite aware of what type education is about to ensue. It's okay. Those of us who will be inhaling these courses will be there to lovingly assist them when they start cramming for examinations. We are all supposed to pass together anyway.

During the onset of this intense study session I realize all non essentials fall to the wayside. The only thing I can relate to is this formidable Force of Focus and to it I fully surrender. I learn early on to minimize any distractions. My sole goal now is to learn. We are told there are "points" along the way which we will acquire, such as a greater sense of self. We will experience love and peace in enormous depths and a sense of gratitude for all things. Harmony will surface in our lives and we will interact with others on a higher emotional level. Exciting times are ahead. However, for now there are study groups to engage with and tutors to consult.

We study A Course In Miracles. My brain shuts down after two paragraphs in. My tutor gives me the best advice: "Clear your head before you study. Meditate. Read in small doses. Listen to the tone. Feel the words. Then rest." Miraculously, the advice works, my brain is suddenly more clear and I completely grasp the information. I am an apt pupil and this is the most exciting learning experience ever!

That's what it feels like when you've truly awakened. There is so much coming at you, but  one can actually take it all in if you're open. You will understand that the reason behind these courses is to help you to become a better person. You're learning to walk a course of life that is most beneficial to you. But then the understanding broadens. There is a purpose involved where you will touch the lives of others. Your enthusiasm is out of the roof. You will share the things you learn out of a core impetus: Love. You're not supposed to keep this all to yourself. Selfishness is not a part of the curriculum.

In your beginner's mind you are always learning and consistently growing. You'll never be bored coming to class and graduation is endless. As long as you walk this earth there will be more to understand. And if and when it ends? We keep asking the Teacher and we keep getting hat sublime smile.

There's more. Wait until you get there.

Live. Love. Learn. Grow!


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