The Collective Heart.

My eyes popped open this morning in full recognition that my heart is at peace. 

Maybe it's because I fell asleep last night praying for the world, praying for those I love, asking for peace and comfort for those facing trials and experiencing hardships.

I spoke about those who are on their own journey and asked that they receive more guidance and direction. 

I asked for love in abundance for all.

They don't tell you that a facet of this awakening experience stirs up a powerful emotion within you that expands to a bursting point. You begin to discern how connected we are to each other. The things you ask for in regards to one person truly affects the whole. 

You will experience love in wholeness and oneness. 

Everyone on this planet is a part of your existence and separateness is really illusory. It's time we all start embracing the truth, as cliche as it sounds, that We Are The World.

So I begin my day in exhilaration and joy. What boundless love energy I have I extend it to everyone. I am grateful for every path that has crossed mine. Are you?

I celebrate the power of the Collective Heart! Celebrate with me!

Happy Sunday! 


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