Kundalini: The Serpentine Fire: Part I

I have been wanting to share one of the most fascinating aspects of my awakening for a while. However, at the same time I realized this would be very difficult to convey or even for some to believe, unless I found some information that would make it simple for most people to understand.

First, I must remind you guys that I am experiencing a real bona-fide Spiritual Awakening. I did not want to “become” a more spiritual person. This experience is a result of a deep desire for peace and happiness in my life. For that to happen, my life was completely shaken and stirred, and I started to see areas that I needed to address emotionally and mentally to achieve that state of joy. So essentially as I was getting “lighter”, by removing these blockages I started to experience some very odd phenomenon and one that was most unexpected was my Kundalini rising.

Kundalini rising is one of many symptoms of a spiritual emergence or awakening. There is so much information available, but a lot of it tends to be very mystical. While there is a strong eastern religious philosophy about it, it’s still possible to understand it from a physiological point of view.

So before I share with you my mind blowing experience, here is a bit of homework for you below. Once you understand how normal this occurrence is, that the body is very energetic and electric, it won’t seem so woo-woo to you.

A couple side notes:

1. Some of the articles may mention that the Kundalini can rise through such avenues as yoga, meditation, etc. and that many people try to intentionally awaken their kundalini. I DID NOT do a single thing to create the onset of mine. My experience happened many months prior to anyone explaining to me what was truly occurring in my life.

2. This was a very huge obstacle for me to overcome and accept because of deeply entrenched religious beliefs. But once I understood my body and that this was occurring INSIDE  of me, it has actually become something I am truly grateful for.

With that said, enjoy the eye-opening articles below.



Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Many Kundalini awakening symptoms result from changes to the nervous system. It is easy to confuse symptoms from a neurological or biological condition as being due to kundalini awakening. In either case, symptoms are a sign of healing and of your body trying to maintain homeostasis or to increase your energy.

Spiritual Awakening

As we proceed further into the 21st century there is even more of a feeling that humanity as a whole is hearing "a calling". Most of the clients in the realm that talk about this describe it as an "awakening" or experiencing an "enlightenment" or a "need for transformation."
For some, this spiritual awakening is a gentle process that develops as a consequence of many years of spiritual seeking and self-development. This is the type of seeker who wants the spiritual awakening and seeks out the guidance of a teacher to help them prepare themselves emotionally and physically for their spiritual awakening.
However, I've noticed that no matter how trained an individual is, no one is ever ready for what Eastern religions call the awakening of the Kundalini energy. The sad truth is that most spiritual awakenings are quite rude:  what some of us refer to as a "wake up call".  

The Kundalini Consortium

Kundalini affects body, mind, and heart:
·         When it affects the body, it triggers neuro-biological cleansing and healing.
·         When it affects the mind, it produces the well-documented experiences mystics describe: loss of boundaries, one-ness or non-duality, an emergence into the absolute or formless realm.
·         When Kundalini wakes the heart, there is the experience of heart opening — the interconnectedness and non-separation of everything and an outpouring of love and compassion.
·         There is the realization that 'the other' is me. Wakening at the level of identity or ego there is the realization that I am not the body-mind and it's a letting go. This is the most challenging of awakenings because it demands a total giving up or letting go of the body-mind which creates a huge amount of fear which must be gone through. 

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