We Are Family!

“Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
High hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
We no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong, oh-no
This is our family Jewel”.
-Sister Sledge
One of the odd circumstances of a spiritual awakening, is the loss of family members and friends. You would think that as you are becoming a happier, joyful and more loving person, the people who have been a part of your life forever would be happy for you. You know these are the same people who saw you struggle with depression and sadness. They saw you crumbling under a bad relationship. Maybe they even saw you teetering on the ledge of suicide because you were so miserable with life. Yet, somehow, you saw a light and realized you wanted out of the madness and started doing whatever you needed to in order to move toward something better.

And so here you are in the wild giddiness of joy, basking in peace and radiating love in a way that you never have before and suddenly you are losing the most important people in your life. Maybe it’s because now you see the “set-up’ and the things that are in place to control us and you just don’t want to be part of the group think anymore. It could be that you have tested your childhood belief systems and found them wanting and felt a self-assuredness that you could walk away. Maybe you’re just too weird now and people can’t understand you and simply don’t want to be around you at all.

Yes, welcome to the bitter-sweetness of Spiritual Awakening.

I don’t usually talk about it very much, but truth be told, I have lost basically my entire family. It really hurt at first, when I realized what was going to happen. There is a fracture between myself and the people who raised me and with whom I played side-by side. It’s basically because I no longer believe as they do and because of that, they have to keep a certain distance from me. Now I am sure if I had gone away quietly and never opened up about what I was experiencing all would be well. But then I would not be staying true to myself. Being authentic in this moment has cost me dearly.

I had scores of friends, hundreds! And one day in a sweeping swoop, I removed them from my social media. Actually it took about a week to weed them out. Some of these people knew me from childhood and many I had formed special bonds with. I cannot tell you how many phone calls were tear filled pleas to keep the loving ties I thought I had with these people. However, I realized through my tears that they loved me, but only conditionally. I could only remain friends with them if I continued to believe as I once did.

I never expected any of this to happen, and maybe that’s why I am writing about it, to give folks a heads up. You are going to change drastically. People are going to think you are weird, under the influence of Satan (yeah, that’s my label) or wild assumptions that really have no basis. I here to let you know, don’t worry. Those people are still there and something that has exploded in you will reach them, and that is love. You will be able to look at them with love, despite their misunderstanding of you. You will miss the graduations and family functions, the lunches that you used to have with BFFS. But just remember that when you lose some, you also win some.

You see, the Universe knows that you’re just in an illusory frame of separateness from your friends and family. Because of that, in the meantime, you will start to acquire new brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and friends who will love you unconditionally no matter how kooky you sound. You can walk around barefoot with flowers in your hair, or wrapped up in a sheet, thinking you’re a super yogi, they will still love you.

You will come to understand that family goes beyond blood. Family is really spiritual, because every single one of us is connected to the other. You have always had a huge family and it took losing a few of them to realize that.

So take heart. Cry over them if you have to, I know I did. Wish them peace and love. Just know that every next time you walk outside your home, you are going to run into a long lost family member you’ve never met!

The Universe balances everything out. We ARE family. Take my word for it!  Now DANCE!


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