Riding The Bliss Bus Together!

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” ― Vera Nazarian.

When I started sharing my story about this unusual event happening to me, my ulterior motive was to impart to others that it’s a real and authentic experience. I was amazed by the events that were occurring in my life, they were odd and fascinating at the same time.

As I interacted with more people via social media, it was heartwarming to find others on the same path of awareness. I am grateful to have found this whole network of people.

However what is truly heartwarming is to cross paths with others closer in my friend’s circles, who reach out to me because of something I may have posted online. As I recount the events that are leading me down this road, it allows the other person to open up and talk about some of the things that they are experiencing. What I am finding is that many people are awakening, asking questions about life and how to create a more fulfilling life experience.

But it’s so difficult to find others to talk to about it. It’s almost like it’s a secret, or taboo. True there are some mind bending things that will happen to you when you wake up that can seem beyond normal comprehension. Some things that happen to you are just plain weird. But when you start sharing these weird things with others on the same journey, you realize they fall into the normal phases of a spiritual awakening. It’s nothing to be freaked out about. By finding another person who has felt the same symptoms of awakening this can be quite comforting.

The purpose of what I do is to try and normalize this amazing event that can happen to anyone whose soul is truly searching and asking for more from life. People are seeing things differently, looking at the world through a new set of eyes. They are asking internally what they can do to make their lives better. They are looking for ways to help others improve or have a better life experience. Whether or not people realize it, this IS an awakening. Your awareness has been activated.  

I try to encourage people to open up more to the process because life does get better and brighter once you understand it. You will experience an inner shift that, a rejuvenated, higher version of yourself. As you grow, then it reaches out to others and they feel the stirrings within themselves also. Spiritual awakening is not just all about YOU though. Yes you will grow, but it extends outward.  You may not talk about it openly as I do. That may not be your purpose. But whatever it is you’re meant to contribute, your awakening will draw you to it. People will see your passion and it ignites theirs. We are all in this together.
You see, awakening happens in different ways. Awareness can come for from a life changing sometimes traumatic event. It can be birthed by a simple conversation between friends. When you realize you are awake, you will recognize others on the same path. Encourage them to embrace the adventure. We owe it to each other to inspire the best out of people.

I have found no negatives to this process, just positives heaped up on top of each positive. You will be happier and at peace. Your life will be more meaningful because you will find out exactly what you are tasked to do while we are on this planet. So let’s start talking about it to each other. I will show you mine (weirdness) when you show me yours. Let’s ride this to the end with a big grin on our faces. There is bliss in the fact that, we are figuring this out, together.

Live the Life.


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