Vessel of Love

“The purpose of every human life is to teach, through one's own method, the power of love.” ― Chriscinthia Blount

I was given a beautiful vase as a gift recently. It’s a multi-colored hand blown piece of art. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at. As I handled my gift I instantly decided that I would not put anything inside of it because it would just take away from the aesthetic of the piece. It makes a statement all on its own.

Ironically, I woke up this morning with the words vase, or vessel in my head. I thought to myself: Isn’t that what we all are? We are human vessels made up of skin and bones. But inside of us lies our spirit. The outside is important, and it’s necessary that we take care of our bodies. But it’s our spirit that moves these bodies and defines who we really are.

We can be a vessel for any emotion, and to really show you how this works I am going to use a personal example. I am a vessel of love. I realized this during interactions with people over a period of time. As a vessel of this emotion, I take myself and show love to others and for the most part my love is accepted. It’s a gift that I love giving.

One day the Universe decided to take my vessel and show love to someone. I looked at the recipient and said: No! Time and time again, the emotion would take control and I would use my vessel, my body to prohibit love from going where it wanted to go. I fought, kicked and ran away from the person who I was supposed to be giving my love to, because THEIR vessel completely threw a curve-ball at me. I was very confused.

I pulled a Flock of Seagulls and I ran, I ran so far away, but I could not get away. Because eventually love won and it pulled my vessel right back where it had been trying to direct me for the longest time. The emotion that was driving me was genuine and true. It was very real. It was powerful. It was as if love had an agenda and no matter how far I tried to take myself away from the situation, I was always going to lose the battle between love and the vessel that was holding it. That’s when I surrendered.

I realized I was carrying a love that was a gift. I also understood that because I am so tapped into the Universe and the Love it’s made of, I really have no control when it decides there is a direction love needs to flow. We have all heard that statement that says you don’t decide who you love. You don’t, but I do believe God and the Universe does. That’s why we get filled up and are drawn in a particular direction. Maybe we should just stop asking why and trust the feeling. Because if love is driving the vessel, then maybe it’s trying to go where there is a need for the gift!

We are really vessels of love. We are created by love and with the capacity to love. We become fearful at times when we feel the power of true love within us. It’s even scarier when that love keeps tugging us in a direction that we may not understand. But I have come to release those fears and trust that something bigger is trying to lead me somewhere for a purpose. I have learned to stop using my vessel to wage war against my heart.  The heart is the seat of the soul and our vessel’s source of love. I have learned to follow my heart.

I know that if my heart is leading my vessel somewhere, to someone, I need to follow it all the way to the end and not be afraid. I did just that. Though the path was rocky and the gift not accepted, I found at the end, there was nothing to be afraid of. My fears were not valid. I had no regrets for following my heart. I was not hurt by the outcome. More so, when I let my heart lead my vessel I found something amazing! My heart was bigger and in the end I experienced a broader depth of love! That was the point of love’s leadership!

Follow your heart! There is a reason why you’re being led where you are.Your vessel is being used for a purpose! You will be amazed at what you will find! Become a fearless vessel of love!

Live the Life.

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