The Awakened Journey

The awakening of a person’s spirit is really about a journey to inner growth. When you start to awaken and
you find yourself in the middle of this you may wonder: What is going on? How do I cope? Will this end? 
As you are waking up a lot of things are happening to you, and it seems all at the same time. You may feel a little helter-skelter. I know I did. So I am going to share with you three things that helped me tremendously while walking on this path to self-actualization.

1. Meditation.


When it was first explained to me that I was awakening, meditation was something that was highly recommended for me to start doing. I had to admit it was a challenge at first. I had some pre-conceived old religious views I had to overcome. For instance, the kind of mediation I was always told to do was the type where I constantly thought about the things I was learning in that religious environment. So my brain was constantly full. Even though I had left the physical religious environment I was still carrying a bit of that mindset. Plus, people always would tell us that “if you leave your mind empty, the Devil will set up shop”. Well, let’s just say that I eventually got over those notions pretty quickly and started the process of clearing out the mind clutter, shutting down the chatter and training my mind to be still. 

Meditation is now a daily practice. Without it I don’t think I would have been able to understand half of what was happening to me. Not only did it help with the stressful moments, but it also opened me up and allowed me to build a stronger and deeper connection with God. I always feel like I am more in-tune with what is higher, through mediation. Answers to questions become more clear and easier because the mind and soul are still.

2. Education

I will tell you that there is an enormous amount of information available to you as you embark on this journey. The topics are endless. The term spirituality is such a broad subject and covers more than you could ever imagine. There are many different thoughts and ideas to choose from, but it all boils down to connecting with the self and a Higher Power. As an avid reader I started to inhale information at a rapid pace. I think I have probably memorized half the internet at this point and exhausted the bookstore. I have come across some great folks that are doing amazing things educating people about spirituality, and you probably could name a few.

However what I found was that specific spiritual elements would speak to me. I lean toward the “purpose driven life” flavor of spirituality. I am drawn to anything about making life better and broader, connecting with others and living your dream. I know others who are more or less esoteric. So in true honesty, I believe your soul will guide you where it needs to go and I truly believe it is all inherently linked to your life’s purpose.

3. Dedication

If you think you’re going to awaken one day and life’s going to be a bed of nirvana, you may be in for a surprise. While life will take on a bright new and beautiful hue and you will grasp and understand more, life on earth is still full of surprises. 

People and situations will still challenge you. Areas of growth will always be apparent, because you have to remember you are moving up levels of consciousness. If you want to be a monk, it won’t happen overnight. 

I developed a dedication to this huge change in my life and the biggest sign of that is that you are reading these words. My dedication to the process led me to discovering my life's purpose.

Once you start down this path, there really is no going back. But why would you want to anyway? Once you see how much better life is you will make an earnest effort every day to live completely. It takes dedication to do that because you are always pushing against the grain now. But like sandpaper, as you rub against it, you will get smoother. You will become softer, kinder and more aware. 

You will experience love, joy and peace on a much higher level. Each day you will find yourself actively involved in making your life full of meaningful moments.

Spiritual awakening is like a journey, once started, has no seeable destination. Think about it that way and you just may find yourself smiling. It’s an endless opportunity to get to know You!

Live the life!

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