The Spiritual Over-Achiever!

I have always been the observant person. I am always trying to understand and learn.  Since people are my passion and I am extremely fascinated with them, it’s nothing more intriguing to sit and talk to others or even if they use little words, try and decipher what is really going on the inside.

I am also a keen observer of the Self. Having learned to go outside myself and peer in, I've understood my own actions and reactions. I've doggedly pursued and still do, the ability to weed through my issues and do the work it takes to build a better life.

These efforts to understand have led me down this road and opened up my consciousness to new and amazing levels. I am surprised at where I was just one year ago and where I am today. I am very awake and aware.

But really, what is consciousness? One basic definition is this: Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment.  But it’s a constant state, where you are always in tune of yourself, others and what is happening around you. It’s the knowledge that all is connected to everything and you.  A conscious person is aware that everything they say or do affects the whole and since you are a part of the whole you are affected too.  As your awareness grows, and you see the effects that behavior, positive or negative, and work on eliminating the negatives you expand your consciousness. Or you move up in consciousness.

David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness fell into my lap recently. I cannot post the original map as it has a copyright attached to it; however, others who understand it have made charts referenced to it as the one below:

The intent is to sit, be honest and pinpoint where you fall on the scale. It’s not a good or bad thing as far as your position, but it’s a good way to gauge where you are based on how you feel about yourself. I will be honest; I was thrilled and shocked at where I fell. I wondered where exactly am I going? I know up, but to the top of the scale? Is that presumptuous of me? I realized I was within the 600 mark and I know this because I still allow certain situations to rob me of me peace. I now know I have to completely stop that and release faster. I have felt moments of full inner peace and sheer bliss and aim to have those feelings all the time. Yes, you can slide down the scale, however if you pass upward beyond the 200 mark, those feelings above can be sustained. I honestly cannot say I have felt anything below 200 for a long time. So to slide down from peace to joy and back up is fine by me!

Not only was I able to understand where I was, but I could sense where some people are in their lives. I can tell where a person is and what emotion they are basing their lives on. It’s evident to me that those closest to me are on the up end of the chart. We resonate with each other. I could also understand what I was feeling with others who I had conflict or issues building relationships with. I have rubbed shoulders with those in the 20-200 range and now understand why those situations proved to be difficult. I just cannot be anywhere near these people, even if I feel the love on the higher end for them.

It’s disheartening to find out within my research that most of the world’s population stays at 200 and below. At the same time though, it’s been noted that if you hold a higher vibration within the higher positions, one is actually quite powerful.  One person vibrating love can raise the consciousness of thousands of people.

I posted this today because I believe it can be useful if you are determined to expand your life. If you find yourself on the lower end of the scale, be encouraged that you can move to the higher spots. It will take work, time and persistence. It may mean facing some demons and childhood issues. You may find yourself prone on a therapist’s sofa, crying your eyes out through the pain. You will have to SIT DOWN and be honest with yourself about who you are what it is you really want out of this in-between moment of birth and death. You may lose some, but look at the top of scale; do you see what’s waiting for you?

Here are some links to more charts and great articles I found:

I got over myself, kicked off my shoes and started looking at the 700-1000 range! Doggone it! I want to feel that! I'd love for you all to come join me!

Live the Life!


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