VROOM! Spiritual Awakening- Life As A Car!

“For our path in life...is stony and rugged now, and it rests with us to smooth it. We must fight our way onward. We must be brave. There are obstacles to be met, and we must meet, and crush them!” 
― Charles Dickens

The moment you take your first breath you are alive and you are here. As you grow and mature you acquire experiences and meet people who will affect your life. If you are lucky you gain an education, move on to employment, find a mate and raise a family. You create a life, by your choices, good or bad.

It’s this place of the in-between of birth and death that is the most important. Many of us have choices and opportunities that can create a wonderful experience. And hopefully some of us can raise those in a lower state due to their lack of opportunities and choices, to a higher experience.

Some people at some point experience a spiritual awakening and realize that we are all connected, even the “haves” need as much as the “have-nots”. This is a state of awareness that helps us see that we all need each other to survive on this planet.

There are people that are acutely aware of this. They are the pioneers, freedom fighters, etc., people who lead the way or rouse others to reach out and do more for the greater good. 

Spiritual awakening was a big step for me. I saw how everything is about “us” and not “me”.  I went from “I” to “We”. A fire was lit inside of me at the right time in my life, where I was able to make an effort to work on myself and turn that out and share it with others. Spiritual Awakening is like turning on a car that was sitting in the driveway for an extended period of time. While some things work, there are still some maintenance needs that have to be addressed. For example, there may have been oil in the engine but over time it turned to sludge. Driving the car with the old oil is still possible but for the car to really run properly, the old substance has to be drained, the engine cleaned and a fresh batch poured into the oil filter.

You can use that analogy when it comes to becoming aware of who you are and your true purpose.  While you are ascending to a higher level of living, you have traded the “old junker” for a newer car. You still may have some residue somewhere in your life that needs to be drained and cleaned, so that when you drive that Engine of Purpose it runs smoothly. Your life has to be a well maintained vehicle; it’s not something you really want to drive while ignoring the bumps, rattles and clicks. Those noises and stalls are not an indication of a life with fresh “oil” running through the engine. You cannot drive a new car with old oil. You will damage your car and basically cut your trip short, not getting where you are supposed to go.

The good thing is that you can clear all the debris from your life that is nothing but sludge preventing you from driving your life. It first takes desire. Next it takes action. You will find that it’s quite possible to do so. You know that if you do, life will roll smoothly for the most part. You will be more in tune with your spiritual experience.You just received a Universal Tune-up! 

Clear out the crap, the karma, in your life that you don’t not need. They are easily identified, if you just sit a look at your life. It could be negative thinking and behavior that is holding you back. It could be relationships that are not bringing out the best in you or living up to your expectations. It could be anything, only you know what these puddles of residue look like.

When you get past clearing each of these and pour in some good positive energy, you will be able to be less distracted and will accelerate your purpose driven life.

Also know that you’re not alone in this endeavor. Where ever your soul is moved to for guidance, always ask for it. You can rest assured that the answers will come and they will have a definite ring of truth that’s undeniable. You just have to listen. You will know if the answers are not right when things are hard to achieve, feel like roadblocks or there is a lack of progress. The right answers will yield a fluid motion in the direction you want to go. It will have a tone of consistency. It will be easy in a sense, just stay in the flow. 

I have come to appreciate the exhilaration of cleaning out the old oily sludge and getting a new batch and a great filter! My motor is running efficiently so that I can drive my life’s purpose! 

Start your engines. Clear your “oil”. Pour in something fresh and clean. Drive your life.


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