Your Soul Knows The Truth. Listen!

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. - Brian Tracy

It is quiet and beautifully peaceful at home. There is no television playing in the background. It’s just me and the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard of this laptop, trying to get this post out as fast as it falls into my head.  I am supposed to write about peace, specifically inner peace. I know this because of the” a-ha” moment I had recently. It was a moment where everything came clear into view.

I can honestly say that for the most part I have felt a modicum of peace for quite a while. I recall a pivotal moment in my awakening, when before entering meditation; I asked to feel inner peace. I came out of that session, bent over, with tears streaming down my face, hand clutched to my chest. It was so overwhelming! In that moment I realized the acute difference between inner turmoil and inner peace. I had felt turmoil for so long and now to feel the opposite took my breath away. I have learned to hold on to that feeling and allow it expand within my daily life. For the most part when situations present themselves to me that could be thieves of my peace I can take a neutral stance and not be overly concerned about how things will play out. Peacefulness is an awesome feeling.

Despite feeling this way most of the time, I would have these rare moments that would disrupt my peace. I had one the other day, and was jolted out of my sleep. After a few moments, and I gathered my wits about myself, I decided to quiet my mind. I looked at what was disturbing my soul. It was something that has been gnawing at my spirit for a while and I had been fighting it, the last part of my ego refusing to be quieted. I realized that this last pebble was an irritant to my soul and the only way for me to find peace was to address the source. The miraculous thing is that even within the decision to tackle this situation; I started to feel my peaceful state return. Once I took complete action my whole peace came back full force and has remained. I finally regained my peace, because I listened to the truth of my soul.

As one awakens and is gifted all the love, joy and happiness they could ever imagine, peace is just another added bonus to that ever expanding life. Your spirit now in the awakened state is very much in-tune with everything and all those feelings are amplified. So it stands to reason if you’re not completely in-sync somewhere you will have a reaction. In my case it was an internal struggle that was disrupting my peace. Therefore I had to go within to seek the solution.

The soul always knows. It’s a Purveyor of Peace! It wants you to be calm and peaceful. It’s also a Proclaimer of Truth. It will not lie to you. The turmoil one feels, the interior fights and struggles are basically the lies of the mind and the ego’s false claims to protect you, fighting against the truth of your soul. Your soul is saying: “This is your Truth! You can feel it, you know it”; but your mind is pulling a BeyoncĂ©: “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no no!”

Whenever you find yourself struggling with something, you’ll just have to tell your mind to shut up and be quiet. If there is something that is eating at you, it’s a sign that there is an internal war going on. Silence your mind and listen, truly listen to the truth that your spirit is trying to tell you. When you listen, you will know and when you know, your worries will be erased. When you don’t worry you will have peace. It feels good even thinking about it right? Are you smiling now?

Just remember that the next time you’re wrestling with something. Let the soul have its peace. It’s part of your inheritance.

Live the Life!


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