Are You Paying Attention?

In December of last year, I had a pivotal spiritual moment. It was a very significant dream event that completely changed the course of my life. I have not written about it because I do sense it’s not quite time to share that because it was so profound. However during this event someone showed up in the midst of it and for the longest time I could not comprehend why this particular person was involved.  It was a gentleman I had come to know over a period of time. Each time I saw him I would look at him in awe because if he was a part of what I had experienced I knew that he was a very important person. I just did not know how.

One day, I had a conversation with this kind man. This was after I had discovered that part of my purpose in life was to share my story by writing about it. But I was not sure how to approach this task. It was during that conversation that he revealed to me that he had a background in writing. I was shocked. However, I chose not to reveal to him what I had experienced that night a few months prior. How could I tell this man I basically had a transcendental experience and that he had been a part of it? He would surely think I had completely lost my marbles.

Well, recently I had a nagging feeling to contact him. I was bit afraid to tell him what I had seen that night; nevertheless I invited him to lunch to finally talk to him about it. Not knowing what his spiritual beliefs were I took a gamble and told him what had happened to me that night, and that he was there in the experience. I told him, that I was not sure why he was there, but that when he told me that he was a writer, it dawned on me that he was a part of whatever this process was that I was going through.

Well lo and behold! He revealed to me his spiritual side and his own recent spiritual journey. He shared with me his experiences and told me stories of his awareness that he has had since childhood. He had made some remarkable discoveries on his path and the things he shared with me were topics I just started researching this very week!  I was shocked, again. Here I had been concerned that if I told him what had happened to me he would think I was crazy only to discover that he was just like me! He is living in the awakened state.

Not only did he share a bit of his life with me, he gave me a simple plan about how to go about writing the stories that I want to tell. He explained a method that I had been struggling with in the simplest terms. By the time he was done, I already knew how my first book was going to turn out. I walked away from lunch elated. Things are much clearer to me now.

Why am I telling you this? Remember I have said before that people would show up while you are on your path to offer you the assistance you will need. We all have different types of guides here to help us clearly define the way we are to walk. There was a specific reason why he was a part of my experience that night because he was an important guide and another person with whom I can relate to spiritually.

It is very important that we pay close attention to people when they show up, especially when they show up in a way that is not expected. They will make you ask questions and the person usually has the answers. It is important that we not fear how we will be viewed, and imperative that we share our experiences with these people. Because you never ever know, the person that shows up could be a very important guide, teacher, or spiritual family member. You will always get the help you will need to grow and fulfill your soul’s purpose. So pay attention! When the student is ready the teacher always appears!

Have a great weekend! Live the Life!


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