Feel The Vibration! Now Raise Them!

I am going to share something that I believed really helped me during the awakening process and possibly made things shift into warp speed for me. I learned to raise my vibration.

When I started to read about the positive effects of raising the energy level at which my body was vibrating, I diligently went about doing just that. Here are some of the ways I went about raising my vibes:

The biggest boost I got was from exercise. Enjoy all those yummy endorphins. I had always worked out for many years. But one day I went to the gym, walked around, was suddenly repulsed by the environment and went home. Fortunately I had taken up yoga. So I would alternate between a local studio and yoga practice at home. I found it more peaceful than being in a gym and yoga really opened me up. I practice Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga. I want to scream at the TV and I literally want to die before I get to the floor exercises because that’s how intense it is. Regardless of what type of exercise moves you, keep doing it. Even if it’s just walking around the block or up and down a staircase, start moving. We all know the benefits of exercise. Consistency will raise your vibration.

At first it was difficult to quell the million thoughts that were flying through my brain. But a friend turned me on to Kelly Howell’s Deep Meditation track. The combination of sounds regulated my alpha and beta brain waves and before I knew it, I was on my way. I can meditate on my own without it now and I can drop off under five minutes. I have mediated for hours. People like Deepak Chopra who meditates straight for two hours each morning inspire me. Meditation calms you down but also at the same time raises your vibration and you feel balanced and grounded whenever you do it.

Turn off the television.
If you can avoid watching television for a week you will notice a change in your state of being. We tend to be very conditioned by what we view and not truly realize how empty or mindless a lot of the information is that we absorb. If you also pay attention, there is more negative news than positive. You are absorbing all of that by osmosis. I absolutely stopped watching the news in the morning while getting ready for work and I noticed a considerable change in my mood as I started my day. If you do watch TV, absorb things that stretch the brain or quality entertainment. Yes, The Walking Dead is my guilty pleasure, but hey, just in case there is a zombie apocalypse, I know how to survive. That’s a positive, right?

Create a zen place.
I lived in a challenging and negative environment for many years. I have come to appreciate the calm and quietness of my tiny abode. It’s simple, uncluttered, open and clean. I like to link up to Pandora and play jazz, or a nature station. I have become somewhat addicted to Craig Pruess and the Shiva Chants. I turn on my music, light some candles and enjoy just sitting in the moment. It evokes peace and peacefulness raises your vibes.

Associate with positive people.
I know when I hang around positive people I get a natural high. Sometimes after hanging out with certain people I have a hard time sleeping because I am so wired. Associating with positive people also means being aware of and avoiding certain environments. I can’t do loud raucous places, like nightclubs anymore. Places where the music has a smooth feel to it, and uplifts my soul, like jazz, is better for my energy. You don’t want to know what happened at the Cyndi Lauper concert! It was not a pretty night at all. Lesson learned. Be aware of people and places. They have a direct effect of your vibration.

Monitor your thoughts and actions.
It will take work at first because we tend to move through our daily lives operating on routine. But you will get accustomed to asking yourself: “What am I feeling right now? You will learn to filter out the negativity you’ve been carrying and replace those thoughts with better ones. If you think better, you will feel better. I also want to add, if you dress up you’ll feel better too. As comfortable as it may seem, try to stay out of your pajamas all day.  

When was the last time you listened to the sound of your breath? It’s actually an amazing moment. Train your body to breathe to relax by learning belly breathing instead of taking shallow chest breaths.

Get outside.
Get into nature as much as you can. Take the time to stop, look around and appreciate it. Look at everything around you. Turn your face up to the sun. Listen. The amazing thing is that you will begin to realize how connected we all are to nature. You will feel more grounded the more you get outside in to nature.

Volunteering requires your time. You are giving something away that you can never get back; time. It’s easy these days to click on a website and donate money. That is commendable. However there is an energetic exchange that occurs between the giver and receiver that raises the vibration of both people. Find a group that supports something that moves your soul. Develop a giving heart.

These are just a few of the deliberate ways that I used to pump up my vibration. Doing these and more on a daily or regular basis has kept me vibrating on a consistently high level. The higher your vibes, the more open you became to Source Energy. Once you've harnessed that, your life will take on a vibrancy that you could have only dreamed of.

Below are some links with even more great tips to help you raise your vibes:

Live the life!

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