Gentlemen Are Getting Ready To Reach!

In my last article: Women On The Rise! I wrote about the women who are going through the process of spiritually awakening and how important it is for them to keep following the path. I mentioned that when we as women experience this amazing journey, in essence we are creating a catalyst for the men to awaken too. As we become better women, women who rise, it creates in men the opportunity to reach, to stand.

When I first started awakening I was mainly going through the process alone. Then I noticed one by one, I came across women who were on the same path. It was a joy to find my sisters and we ran to each other for love, guidance and support and basically a place to share our experiences.

Then slowly but surely, I started to notice that I was coming across men who were waking up. I attribute it to the law of attraction mainly because like attracts like. To meet a man who speaks from his right-mind and is aware of his spirit and the power behind it, is a remarkable sight to behold.

I also started to notice on social media a type of male that was slowly emerging. They may not speak in flowery terms as women do, but they are undoubtedly aware that something is happening and it needs to be brought to our attention. Their messages tend to lean toward encouraging people to reach higher and do a better job in the community. There is a feeling of inclusiveness in their tone.

These men are not so open to talk about a specific incident that has transformed their thinking and their lives, something that is taking them on a spiritually awakening path. But you can tell by their rhetoric that something has shifted in them and they are very aware that they are on a specific path.

I say to these men: kudos and thank you! When a man initially recognizes that he is a spiritual being first and not an image of pure physicality, I would not be surprised if it made him pause. Just think about it; you men are basically for use of a cliché: “lesser gods”. If you can tap into that realness of what you are and use it for all the best purposes in your life, the possibilities would be endless.

If you could recognize that the ego stands in the way of spiritual enhancement and that by quieting it and listening to your spirit as we women have been doing, you will actually become stronger and more balanced men.

Just like the women who have been underwater and have now come up for air, some men have broken your spirits. You forgot how to reach. You stopped reaching and fell asleep in a circuitous life and lost sight of who you really are. Like us, you too have lost the sight and feel of what a good relationship is and the real purpose behind connecting with a woman; to fulfill that innate desire to be a creator. You have limited your power and lost your bigger drive.

And this is what the awakening that is occurring at this point in time is all about. It’s to wake us up to who we really are and what it is we are all here to do. We are not here just to be born and eventually die. In between those two instances is a very important task that we are all here to accomplish. Life is bigger than just accumulating titles, money and things. We have figured that out by now. So what is the real purpose in life?

I feel as more of us wake up, men and women, we are going to find out. Women, we need to rise. Men, we need you to reach. You too have the possibility to dream the exact dreams as women do, so what dream do you have based on the fact that you are becoming aware that life is a lot bigger than what you think it is?


Live the life.



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