Spiritual Awakening: Women On The Rise!

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.
-Excerpt: Still I Rise- Maya Angelou, 1928 - 2014

I started to notice it on social media about a year ago. It started out with a trickle. I became aware of them; different women speaking out about their own unique truth. They would say things that would resonate with my spirit and I could recognize their strength and passion behind their words. I could clearly see their path of awakening. Since this recognition, I have seen the trickle grow into a stream. Women are waking up. They are becoming more spiritually aware and taking the initiative by owning the responsibility to reshape their thinking and their lives.

A lot of us diligent women have been underwater so to speak for a while. We have been suspended in the deep by limited visions, especially in the area of relationships. I cannot tell you how many women I know are putting their foot down and requiring more of men. I have heard the stories of women walking away from relationships, even those that struck close to their hearts. These women all loved these men deeply, but became intrinsically aware that there is something missing and there was more that they needed to experience. They began to realize their worth.  They started to ask more because they realized that more is available. They may have even tried to wake the men up. But after slowly acknowledging how unsuccessful that endeavor was after numerous efforts to reach the hearts of the men, they eventually walked completely and silently away. They are no longer settling.

Instead of waiting for the men to rise, these women are tackling their inner selves, and really looking at the core of who they are. They are addressing the deeper issues in their lives and accepting that they are the true creators of an unsatisfied life. With this knowledge they are peeling back their layers and exposing themselves to  spiritual light that is bringing about a true feminine healing, a wholeness that many of them have never felt before until now. With that wholeness they are able to navigate life more efficiently and create a new set of standards for themselves. They are showing other women that all that you seek is really from within and that what is within will attract what is outside.  They are saying that the reasons why our relationships have been unsuccessful is due to the fact that our souls needed to be fulfilled, first.

The spiritual awakening happening to women is very important. It is happening to us first, than it is for the men. The reason is due to a woman’s enhanced ability to connect to her intuition. She is becoming increasing aware that status quo is not working. So as she continues to awaken to herself, she cannot continue to sow seeds of negativity. As the positive vibration maximizes, it spreads and catches on like wild fire to other women because we start hearing each other and responding to the call to rise.

Therefore as we rise, the men will rise. If not, they will be left behind. They will start to recognize that they will be stuck in relationships with women who are on a different level of consciousness or a lower vibration. Thus they will continue to have spiritually unfulfilled relationships. It will create a desire for the men to start searching themselves and realizing that there is a far grander vision of who they really can be. As the consciousness rises for men, they become truly successful creators, better thought leaders and better examples. They will lead self-actualized families. They will become successful co-parents in raising conscious children.

So ladies, keep rising. There is a universal ascension plan in the works and you are the leaders in this assignment. As you grow in spirit, you will become softer but stronger. You will feel your place solidly on this earth. Your purpose will become clear to you. 

Look at the women who are creating their lives and how vibrant and whole they are. Join forces with them, this is not the time to allow anything to divide us. Share your knowledge with others and share your dreams. Dream about creating a new reality! And keep speaking out and sounding the alarm to our sisters who are sleeping. Let them know there is more to them on the inside than what they are on the outside.

Live the Life!


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