The Energy Vampire.

Maggie* was a wonderful lady I met years ago and we became fast friends. We were soon spending time with each other and had many great conversations over glasses of wine.

One night while spending a couple hours talking to her about life, I suddenly had to end the evening a bit early as I noticed I was growing tired. I looked forward to seeing her again, because I loved our talks but over time I began to notice that every time we met, I always felt exhausted.

One night I clearly remember feeling as if my energy was being pulled out of my body. I started to pay attention and realized I always felt drained when I was around her. It was so acute as much as I liked her, I began to avoid her. Eventually I found that being in her presence, always left me feeling overwhelmed. So over time I stopped spending time with her and if I ran into her, I made my conversations very short and moved on.

Today, I associate with some wonderful people. Whether one on one or in groups, when I spend time with these people, I am left feeling elated, refreshed and excited and sometimes on an energetic high.

However, recently, I was with a few friends when someone I knew came over and joined us at our table. We were all having a great conversation and eventually, the person who joined us got up to leave. Almost instantly, I felt a wave of utter exhaustion wash over me. I felt lethargic and sleepy, so much so, that I ended my night early and quickly got into my car to go home. I barely made it to my bed, I was that drained.

The next day I felt as if I was coming down with a cold. I thought this was odd because I had felt just fine twenty four hours earlier. I rested and eventually the feeling passed. But then I started thinking and that is when I remembered, Maggie and the way she made me feel when I was around her and that what I felt the night before was the same feeling. And that is when the word “Energy Vampire” popped into my head. The light bulbs went off!

I reflected on the night before and realized that I had felt the same way before around the person who had joined our table the evening before. I remembered my one on one interaction with this person and that almost every time the end result of the interaction was negative or draining in nature. I even think at one time I may have kindly mentioned to them how they made me feel. Everything began to make sense to me. I started to do some reading on the subject.

Energy vampires are people who at times are unaware they hold a very negative energy. They can be family members, friends, bosses and even people with whom we have relationships. For the most part they can appear to be really nice people. Some of them are. But that negative charge is so strong that being around them can leave you drained, exhausted, frustrated or irritated.

As someone who is highly-sensitive or who has a very positive and empathic nature, I tend to pick up vibes very easily. Usually, I can adjust my own field of energy to compensate for my environment. However, being in close proximity to an energy parasite feels like my life force is being drained out of me. It feels like a pulling away.

Now everyone else around me could be just fine, but it’s my sensitive nature that I have to contend with, so I have learned to stay far away from these types of people. I realize that I cannot even bring their energy up to mine, because theirs is so dense.  It can be so acute that even through interaction at a distance, via a phone call or text messages; I can feel their negative energy. It can be downright scary at times.

If you have encountered an energy vampire, you will know. It will be an instant reaction or a slow burn. You may even notice after some reflection that you never really had a consistent positive experience with them. Again, it’s not that they are bad people. It’s just that on a vibrational scale there is no balance between the both of you. Thus if you are of a sensitive nature, it is you who will feel the effect of their energy. Trust it. Pay attention.

There are a few techniques you can utilize to help you deal with energy vampirism. But the one that works best for me, when it’s so acute is for me to limit any contact with the person and sadly in some cases, avoid them at all cost.

I truly love people. But in the end my spiritual health comes first and so should yours. If someone does not make you feel loved, supported and cared for, but instead leaves you feeling drained, tired and less positive than you normally are, it is something you have to pay close attention to. 

Take care of yourselves.

Live the life.


 *Names have been changed.

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