The Peace of Release!

“The day I understood everything, was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I knew peace was the day I let everything go.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Much of the awakening process is an exercise of shaking things up, releasing, removing and letting go of the things that are holding you back from living a whole life. During certain stages of the process, it feels as if things are being removed by a force greater than you. But then there are stages where it feels like a painful purge is happening and we don’t understand why it’s not as easy as the other times to let go.

Humans are sentimental beings. We hold on to things that mean a lot to us. The same goes for relationships or people who have had a profound effect in our lives. It’s these instances where we may find ourselves struggling during the spiritual process.

What really helped me was to look intently at what I knew deep down I needed to release. I had to ask myself some honest questions about what I was dealing with. Is this situation helping or hindering my progress down the path I want to go? What is it that I truly want and why is this so hard for me to let go?

Ironically, it was not until I saw this same struggle happening to another person that things started to click in my head. I watched a friend who is also going down the spiritual path wrestling with someone she was afraid to let go of. She was aware that she was moving in one direction, but deep down was afraid to let the other person go, who was actually standing completely still and stuck. The other person was obviously not spiritually awakened. But she was afraid that she would not feel or find this type of emotion that she had developed for this person in someone else. So she doggedly held on, fighting to hold on to someone who was not progressing as she was. In turn it was robbing her of her peace, distracting her mind and hindering her own spiritual progress.

Fear is the number one factor that stands in our way when it’s time to do something that we know we have to do. We hold on, hoping for a miracle that maybe things will change and we can keep what matters to us close. In our minds it seems inconceivable that we would have to let go, but we are forgetting one important piece to this whole puzzle which is this: the Universe/God is in control.

We are being asked to let go so that we can receive. More than likely what we are about to receive must be greater in comparison to what we have to release from our life. Whatever is down the road will be a super enhancement. Remember, what you thought was the best thing ever was based on your mindset on a physical plane, a place where you longer reside. Now what is coming is from a higher vantage point, a spiritual place where all things are balanced, beneficial and truly good for your soul.

As I started to reflect on the last few years I realized that for everything that I had released something better replaced it. So when it came to this last situation in my life and peace was my goal, I got up one day and walked away once and for all, and knew I would never have to look back. The situation had taught me all I needed to learn and I had accomplished all the tasks involved. I thought of Lenny Kravitz’s song: “Are You Going My Way?” and applied it to my situation and the Universe and I said a big resounding: No!

The truth about ascending is that struggle is very minimal after a certain point. If you find yourself on the path struggling with something or someone, more than likely it will be something you need to release so you can move forward. The comforting thing is that you are never alone in letting go the matters of the heart. You are never going to lose that love, because you’re tapped into a vaster portion of it. And the most important thing is, when you release and let go there is a feeling of inexplicable peace that will confirm that you have made the right choice. So trust and release!

Live the Life.


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