We Are Here To Share Our Lives!

I have to admit that there are moments when I sit down and look at what I am doing I am a bit in shock. Many times I have wondered: How did I get here? Why am I doing this? Who the heck do I think I am?

I am really this simple girl, with a great desire to live a beautiful life. I have always been a dreamer and believed in all my dreams coming true. I have childhood memories where I clearly remember being excited about growing up and wondering what was around the corner that life had to offer.

When I came to this country, like most people I had grand ideas. When I was old enough I started to pursue them, because I believed that those dreams would make me happy. But life happened, and within that life were some painful lessons. In veering off whatever path I was originally on I gathered a few experiences that I had never expected to.  But somehow I never caved, no matter how hard things were and somehow ended up here. I look back at the things I thought I wanted to do and now see that where I am today is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I know that Someone or Something has always been watching over me. To cry on in despair and ask for my happiness and to see the revolution of my life come full circle, humbles me. This blessing of peace is what motivates me to share my story. Everyone has one and everyone’s story is important. We don’t have to be celebrities to make a difference or to open up and share the road we have traveled. We don’t have to be famous to inspire or be inspired. Regular people such as myself and others that have had lives can share our triumphs and our defeats. We are living examples for each other.

What has happened to me is a blessing, and I share it with others to give them hope. You don’t have to have much, I sure don’t, and I have never asked for much. But I know that love, joy, peace and true happiness are free and available to all. And when you have those, life is truly meaningful and is enough.

So if you’re looking around and it seems like there is something in your life that is missing or you're not feeling it all, I encourage you to start asking for what you truly long for. You don’t have to call on any particular god, just open your heart and ask for what you need. Know that things and stuff will never make you truly happy, but something bigger will fill your life up in a way that even if you ended up destitute, you will be so with a heart of joy.
And when you receive all that you need, turn around and share your story. Share your moments. Tell the world that for the short time you are here, you are truly living! Make every minute worthwhile. Make sure that if you have to take your last breath tomorrow, you can do so with a smile on your face and a whisper in your ear that says: “Job well done!”

Wishing you all much love and all the peace.



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