A Message To The Young Travelers!

“Our lives were just beginning, our favorite moment was right now, our favorite songs were unwritten.”― Rob Sheffield

This morning I woke up to the news that Simone Battle, of the singing group G.R.L. was found dead yesterday of an apparent suicide. The talented twenty-five year old was best known as a finalist on The X Factor. She was young, talented and beautiful and no doubt was headed for great things. Somewhere in this possibility, she lost sight of that hope. I repeat she was only twenty-five!

I had planned to do some writing today, but instead after reading this bit of news, decided to take a reprieve from social media, turn off all my devices. I got dressed and headed out to the park where I knew I could have a moment to myself.

I cried for this young woman and for all those nameless unknown faces who at such a young age choose to take their lives into their own hands. I feel their pain, because I know what it is like to be so young and to feel like the only option is to end things. I was walking the trails racking my brain, trying to think of some way that I could help those younger than I am. What in the world could I say to these young souls who don’t know that there is a hope and that whatever they are feeling in that moment, that it too will pass?

I know that when you are that young, life seems like a long road ahead of you. In that moment, you may think, you cannot continue, because all you are feeling is the pain. But when you really think about it, life is really a short time span and in that time you have to remember that the challenges and tests that you will face are opportunities to grow. When the pain is intense, this is when you have to reach out to others for all the love and support you need.

Those of us who have come through the long stretch of challenges can tell those of you who are just starting this journey that you are not alone. You have people that truly love you, even though you may not believe that at the moment. You even have family members that deeply care about you. You have friends that you will walk and grow with. You have others outside of that group who are watching you and are inspired by you. You all have things that you are going to accomplish that will blow your mind.

And if it matters you have people like me.

People like me care. We are willing to reach out in the dark of that illusory long tunnel and hold your hand when you are hurting. We reach out to you because we know that the light at the end of the tunnel is Life. We will hold your hand and guide you through. If need be, we will sit with you quietly when you cry those buckets of tears. We will do anything because we want to see you achieve your dreams, large or small. We are your mothers, sisters, brothers at heart and we are not asking, we are telling you; no matter what, do not give up!

When you are feeling low, do not isolate yourself. Find someone, anyone to talk to. Do not think it foolish to pick up a crisis hotline and talk to a stranger. There are no strangers when you are struggling through a crisis. If you are feeling out of control, or like you are spiraling, yell out for help, because it really is there. There is nothing to be ashamed of in taking care of you. Help yourself in whatever ways you have to so you can muster through the pain you are struggling with.

People like me who care, are telling you this because someone told us the same thing and saved us from ourselves. We are telling you this because when you overcome the challenges that are meant for a breakthrough and not a breakdown, YOU are going to be the ones to turn around and offer your hand out into the dark and guide someone through their moment.   

You have to realize how important you are in the grand scheme of life and that everyone is touched and moved by others. You are valued, you are needed and you are loved. You are never ever alone.

Your life is in front of you, it’s moving. Whatever you do, do not cut short your journey. It’s yours; own it and do all that you have to do to live it.

You are so loved. Please give yourself a chance to live the life. You won’t be disappointed.

May Simone, rest in peace.


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