Did I See God? Only God Knows!

During the early stages of my spiritual awakening, I did not hesitate to embrace all aspects of it. I read voraciously and took whatever practical steps I needed to take in order to acclimate to this new way of thinking and living. I understood quite a few things; as a matter of fact many things I started to learn felt very right to my soul. It was as if I had known these things deep down, but just needed confirmation.

As I have said before, learning to make meditation a practice has really helped me to get some clarity about things in my life. I also has opened up my consciousness and allowed me to experience some pretty interesting things.

Although I was grasping a lot of information, I still had this skeptical side, an almost cheeky attitude towards some aspects of my experience. I would ask questions prior and during meditation, just to see whether or not I would really get a response.

One day I decided to really test if I was actually connecting to anything out there and I said: I want to see God. I was asking in a tone of ‘I want proof of whatever exists that resembles the idea of God’. I asked the question and instantly sensed a Universal “chuckle”, to which I asked: “Will I go crazy?” I did not sense that I would.

The next thing that I saw behind my closed eyes was somewhat interestingly amazing. When I came out my session, I recall just lying there, trying to wrap my brain around it. I tried to convince myself that I had made up what I saw in my mind. I just chocked it up to my mind and left it alone and moved on.

A few weeks later on a Sunday morning I happened to turn on the television just in time to catch the Oprah Winfrey Network’s show Super Soul Sunday. Her guest that day was Dr. Eben Alexander a renowned academic neurosurgeon  known for his book Proof of Heaven. I watched this interview with a solid dose of interest and skepticism. In his book he stated that he saw the face of God. Ok really? I rolled my eyes, because I was sure he was going to say he saw some vague figure, rolled up in holy light. Instead his description was completely different. You can watch the video below to hear his experience.

In actuality there is more to the interview concerning his description. He also said that the white orb had filaments around the edges. Now when he described what he saw, I reached forward from the sofa, I picked up my remote control, turned off the television, went to the bedroom and got into my bed and stayed there for hours.

You see when I had asked to see God, I saw exactly what Dr. Alexander had seen: a huge bright white glowing orb. It was not blinding to look at, and even though I could not feel temperature I knew it radiated warmth and “IT” felt good. All around the edges attached and moving were these wispy filaments.
The difference between my vision and that of the doctor’s is that he was in a drug induced coma and I was in a meditative relaxed state of mind.

Now Dr. Alexander’s credibility has been questioned since the publication of his book, but what if he did experience and see all the things he said he did while his brain was basically comatose? I have read many articles and medical journals about experiences like these and there is a lot of thought about the veracity of these experiences. For the most part, the medical establishment seems to feel comfortable that most of these events are just brain malfunctions and hallucinations and I am not saying that may be true in some cases.

But for those of us who have experienced these odd phenomenal events are we to solely accept that these are just faulty brain functions and are parts of our imagination? Because they feel and seem real to us, it can easily be explained away as a brain disorder? While there are some serious brain disorders that people contend with and are properly diagnosed with, such as Schizophrenia, where people hear voices, how about those of us who have been evaluated by medical professionals and have a clean bill of mental health? How do we explain that we have experienced things that are hard to believe? How can anyone really measure the depths and abilities of our consciousness?

Many eastern civilizations and numerous indigenous and cultural groups have had spiritual experiences and abilities interwoven in their heritage. They honor and live by many of the capabilities and events; it is all natural and accepted. But in the western world, there is much skepticism about such events, that it’s hard for many to keep an open mind and it prevents people from telling their stories.

There is a huge difference between mental illness and a spiritual experience. Maybe that’s what we should be focusing on; learning to make the differentiation instead of shutting down the possibilities all together.

I stand by what I saw that day. I don’t ever have to see God or whatever that was again. It’s not all that important for me to really know what I think God looks like. It was an interesting moment. It answered a question and just convinces me to keep asking more. Whatever shows up just adds to my experience!

Live the life.


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