I Want To See You Be Brave!

I was browsing through a forum recently and came across a thread about spiritual awakening where people were sharing their experiences. I noticed a trend where many commenting were grateful that they woke up, however on the other hand they were frustrated at the loneliness they were feeling with their new understanding. It took every ounce of strength for me not to run amok in the discussion board and scream: Get out of the house!

I concur with a lot of what was said, that initially the first part of awakening is solitary, mainly because your vibration is adjusting to a new level. You are shifting away from your old self to a new one and your resonance changes with those whom you once associated with. I experienced that, however I learned to embrace it. I took myself out. I basically dated Me! Armed with a favorite book, my iPad and a journal, I would venture out to my favorite watering hole and spend time with myself. I read, I wrote, I observed people and eavesdropped on their conversations. I was able, as I spent time with myself, to understand what was happening to me.

Then as I grew spiritually, I noticed, that people started to come into my space. Random people would see me with myself and approach me. These people, I guess, could sense something was different about me and when we started to engage in conversations we realized we were all on the same path, maybe at different intervals.

Over time I accumulated a whole new set of friends. I have spoken about this before in a previous post. I would have never met these wonderful people if I had not ventured out of the confines of my home.

As we all started to hang around each other the group grew. We jokingly refer to our meet-ups as the Vortex Of Truth (VOT). We are not this exclusive bunch of know-it alls, it’s quite the opposite. We share our stories, blow each other’s minds, marvel at our differences, but celebrate this awesome journey we are all experiencing as we grow.  

When you start down the path to ascension, it does feel lonely, but it is not meant to be. There are others who are going through the same journey and they are looking for you. They are expecting you to show up. They are in-tune with themselves and can sense each other. Even better, at times the Universe will make sure you meet each other.

As I was walking into one of my favorite dives one Sunday, I happened to notice a pretty girl sitting by herself, who appeared to be reading the newspaper. I thought: Gosh she is pretty. I went inside, hung out for a while, and walked back outside with my cousin who worked at the establishment. Well it turns out he knew this girl, so he introduced us. After chatting with her for a while we discovered amazingly, that our paths had crossed before.

Somehow, as we opened up more, we discovered that we both had very spiritual leanings. We had such a great conversation that afternoon. I have found another like-minded friend who is walking a similar path. This is what happens when you take yourself out of the house and put yourself out there in the Cosmic Soup! People are going to find you!

The possibilities are endless and others are awaiting you. You do not have to wake up alone and be alone. I want to see you pull a Sarah Bareilles and be Brave. Get out there and spread all that new consciousness around and meet your fellow spiritual neighbors. They are waiting!

Live the life!


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