Kill Them With Kindness and Love!

Reality bites! You can be the most positive person in the world, with the biggest heart, but undoubtedly you will encounter people who will treat you in unkind and loving ways. What even makes it worse is when they do this actually thinking it is helping you and that it’s the right thing to do.  

When I am faced with these types of people who intentionally turn their love on and off, I am momentarily knocked off my axis. I have to be very careful when dealing with such ones, because if I let it get to me I will sink into anger or despair. So I allow myself to feel the pain of unloving behavior for a second and then take specific steps to work my way back into a more positive place.

Below are some of the actions I take to get there. Maybe these will help you when someone behaves in a way that prevents love from flowing freely.

Forgive, forgive, forgive.

Some people are able to turn their love on or off. Maybe you don’t agree with them, or you are not doing things their way, they may feel that withholding their love or kindness is the best way to go. But I truly believe that deep down that behavior hurts them too. So I swiftly forgive the person. I know that it is going against their true nature. I try and stay in that emotion because it helps me to not develop a bitter attitude. Forgiveness is a salve.

I pray about the situation and I ask for peace of heart and mind. It’s an internal conversation where I ask for the strength to deal with the person. I also send them prayers too and try to frame them in a positive light. Humans are learning lessons to strengthen their inner spirit everyone is on their own journey and I wish them well.

I give up.
Yes, I give up! Meaning, I give the situation up to whatever it is that is more capable of handling it. I don’t dwell on it or try to force anyone to treat me lovingly. I may write out my feelings in a journal, read it and make peace with it. Give it up and move on.

Pump up my love.
I will literally take a few moments to focus on loving thoughts to remind myself what that feels like. In truth when a person withholds love from you and you try to regain it, that energy that you spend doing that takes away from you. So instead I fill up my heart, feel the emotion and send loving thoughts to the person.

Live and let live.
I don’t put myself in range of the person. It’s not a positive space or good energy when someone is treating you poorly. Stay away from them at all costs. I allow them to live their life the way they chose to and to live with the consequences of their behavior. If I have to cross paths with these people, I kill them with kindness. I don't sink to their level.I like my vibes to stay light. Unloving behavior is too weighty for me.

The key to loving is to never stop. It may be hard to practice this on someone who is being unkind to you. But you cannot lose by holding a loving space. Remember it’s the most powerful force in nature. So tap into the power and stay in the flow of love.

Live the Life!


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