Paying Attention To Your Attention!

The other day a friend and I were discussing our individual goals for the next year. This year has basically been a test run for me; a chance for me to work through what I believe is my purpose in life. I am learning in leaps and bounds about things I have never dealt with before. I am very excited about the future.

Since February of this year, I really put a lot of effort into this work and I have seen some nice results. I am a firm believer that energy flows where focus goes and the results I see are definitely based on that energy. One of my driving factors is time. I took a huge diversion in my life that cost me some twenty plus years. Therefore, I am hitting the ground running, to get as much done in my life, before I lay down in sweet peace.

One of the things that I find myself doing is either managing or eliminating any unnecessary distractions and filling that time with things that are related to my goals. I wonder how many times have we even thought or asked ourselves what are we really paying attention to. Due to a heightened self-awareness, I have learned to pay attention to what grabs my attention. My favorite thing to do is to ask myself: Why am I paying attention to this and how does it factor into my purpose? Is this really necessary?

I learn interesting things when I ask myself those questions. I will either get a quick turn off and a refocus point. I also realize that we can unintentionally create distractions for others, if we are not paying attention to ourselves. We have all been there and social media is a big culprit. So I learned that there has to be solid balance between what distracts me and what I create. I have learned the hard way. So I focus on the purpose, making sure it's hopefully beneficial to others, before I put something out in cyber space.

I also am learning a lot from observing successful people. They are focus driven and who and what surrounds them contributes to that focus. Mundane and trivial things do not factor into their lives.

There is a great quote by José Ortega y Gasset that says: “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”

So what do you pay attention to? I found this great article here that has some interesting insights about the reasons why we pay attention to the things we do and how to develop a better sense of awareness and self- management. Enjoy!

Live the Life!


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