Piecing Together Your Story!

“You have left a trail of breadcrumb clues which will lead you to the place where your purpose and passion have already met and are simply waiting for you to find them.”
― Jacob Nordby

Many of us may have been living in a certain sense of awareness from childhood. We may not have understood why we paid attention to so many details, but once we get older and fortunately self-actualize, we realize we have been seeing the story all along.

If you have been paying attention to the details in your life and you are at a point of consciousness, you can actually see your life as story. Almost every major event that at the time may have seemed coincidental was actually a stepping stone leading you somewhere. You arrive at a point where you can look back and see all the pieces but may not grasp how they all fit together. You will see the patterns and full circle moments and just look at them and wonder what they all mean.

The process of awakening is progressive, and thank goodness, because if all the epiphanies occurred in one big swoop, we would not appreciate the journey. The journey is about the revelation of who you are and what you are here to achieve. So these timely moments of eureka are here to excite and confirm to us, yes, we are on the right track.

I have seen the patterns and I always kept asking for clarity. I recognized all the aspects of the patterns that were in front of me, but could not place them together to form the bigger picture. Then slowly but surely, the picture came into view and the answers eventually became clear. Sometimes this came in the form of a thought I never expected or heard before, suddenly being presented to me.

Other times I was led to reference something from the past, maybe from a journal, only to discover an event I had noted as odd, but failed to see the true meaning or clue into at the time. Then there is that heightened inner knowing that accompanies self-awareness where you just know what you are looking at is the truth.

Things come to us when we are clear and ready to hear them, and not before. We literally have to be in a space of inner stillness to hear the tiny whispers. When the picture comes into view, we now have all the details to proceed. The next time when brand new pieces appear to take us to the next step in life, we will have learned from the process of our journey, that we will see the bigger picture in due time.

So look back on your life. Look at all the pieces, ask for clarity and peer very closely as to how they all fit together.

Live the Life!



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